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I'm using my Nikon D800 and tethering it into a MacBookPro 9,2 with a 12 ft USB3 cable.


Activating the tethering and shooting JPEG FINE seems to work.  HOWEVER, once I switch to RAW - things get weird.


One single shot in RAW allows the image to go into Aperture.

Two consecutive shots (or more) then disconnects the camera from Aperture.  Basically the camera connected goes from "D800" to "No camera detected"


I'm running with 8GB RAM and a 256B SSD drive which works amazing with the JPEGs firing right through with no problems..


Did the old restart, camera on/off, straight to RAW settings - nothing works for RAW.


Anyone can help?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)