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I thought I was done with battery issues since 10.7.3 I've hovered around the 5 hour mark with a full charge. Not as good as SL but not the abyssmal 2-3 hours I was getting.. Now, after a full charge, I have less than 3 hours. I've given lots of thought to what could I have changed and although I have a bootable backup ready to go when I get around to loading Mountain Lion, I haven't done anything I can think of that would account for such a drop. Activity Monitor doesn't show any application running away wth CPU which had happened Summer 2011.

Battery Health tells me everything is fine but the time will drop from 6:30 to 2:30-3:15 if I do anything like roam. I know it will drop if I watch movies and probably you tube but that's normal.


Any suggestions would be appreciated





I'm running a 13" mid 2010  with 2.4GHz processor and 8 GB memory

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any viewing this


now a full charge gives me around 6 hours


i have no explanation for this