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Hi guys, I need some serious help to the problem I am having with my iphone 4s. What happens is that if I am using the iphone to surf the internet and after some time I am unable to browse the internet and then after waiting for a few minutes I am able to surf the internet and use all the apps related to it.


The signal is good and 3g is there but the problem of surfing is present. I have tried the below steps:


1.Restored my phone

2.SIM Pin changed and deactivated

3.Data Romaing ON

4.Deleted and added the APN and even resetted the network settings several times.

5. Checked applications if there is a conflict.

6.Connected to latest itunes to check for any firmware update and my iOS is 6.

7.Checked through a different browser the same behaviour occurs but facebook and whatsapp works.

8.Disabled Itune wifi sync

9.WIFI works fine.



Guys I am really frustated with this behaviour and can some one tell me what can be issue and my operator has been refreshed my package for 3g along with totally adding and removing the service.


One thing if the 3g is down I should not be able to use facebook and whatsapp but they seem to work good, emails and surfing is effected.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1