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Dear Community,

I am really lost in this case. Prior to the iOS 6 update I have bought iMovie for the iPhone. I unsinstalled it, because I hadn't used it for some time. Now I urgently need it and cannot reinstall it as the new iMovie 1.4 is restricted to iOS 6. But I do not want to update to iOS 6! What to do? I'd accept installing the previous version of iMovie, but how?


I would appreciate quick help, as I want to edit a movie for my studies, and it's due in 5 days!


Thank you,

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iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    youre screwed, welcome to ios, youre welcome

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    actually thats a bit harsh, way i did it was 'rhymes with rail' break mine and then find the older version to download from a non appstore site.

    you should not be forced to download the newer version when you paid and installed an older version.

    the only other way i can see you doing it is if you have syched your phone with itunes and the older version is still on your pc and you haven't used itunes to update software. if thats the case, just reinstall from itunes and not the appstore.