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Can anyone tell me what would cause my imac a1208 take so long to boot to desktop. once switched on i get a grey Logo screen for about 4 minutes, and then turns to a Blue screen for about 3 minutes then lands on the desktop, i have re-installed snow Leopard 10.6.8 about 6 times trying to solve this issue, i have deleted partition and formatted with zero's and reinstalled os. I have ran Verify disk = OKay i have ran Verify Disk Permissions which came up with loads of problems, to which i ran the repair process. I have even run Disk Warrior. I have tried everything i know but to no avail, and is very frustrating, SPEC I HAVE IS 2GIG RAM DUEL CORE 2.0 Any help would be very much appriecated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You might try resetting NVRAM. Also, make sure you have selected your normal startup drive in System Preferences > Startup Disk.


    If this doesn't help at all, try running the Apple Hardware Test to eliminate the possibility of a hardware problem. (This can't catch 100% of the problems but it will eliminate most possibilities.)


    If the procedures in the first paragraph eliminate the long grey/blue screen problem but it still takes a long time to get to the desktop, you may need to check your login items (listed in System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items tab) to see if any of them require a long time to launch.


    If none of this helps, there are other things to check, like startup items & third party additions, but do the above & get back to us with your results before we get into that.

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    i have pressed the 4 keys mentioned in your instructions, but i am not getting a second beep, in fact the only thing that seems to work is the options key to choose what to boot with cd or hd, i have pressed option-command-p-r before the grey scree and waited nearly 9 minutes and nothin happens, is there a software reset program available.