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I am on Mountain Lion and have two major websites constructed using iWeb. I have taken it upon myself to check out on colleague's PCs how the two websites download on Internet Explorer. I realize there are issues with some of the PC users who are still on Windows XP and have not updated their IE. Becuase the majority of viewers are PC/IE users [and probably not updated], the two websites I check out have appeared on some of their pages to be haphazardly displayed giving the impression they are poorly designed — which they are not because I spend hours designing each of the website's pages.


I thought that I would help myself out by downloading IE 10 onto my MacBook [OSX-Mountain Lion] and discovered by checking the IE website, there is no such download for the Mac. I contacted Microsoft and found out that there will never be such a download because Mountain Lion does not IE 10.


As a volunteer, I have no budget to purchase a PC Windows 8 just for this purpose. I am trying to seek colleagues with PCs Windows 8 and IE 10 and the highest speed internet, to come over to my home office and assist me after I do a download. By doing so, where there are pages not downloading properly, redesign them and try again. When I check out the 2 websites at a neighbour's who has a MacBook and is on Mountain Lion using Safari, the pages download properly even with a slower version of high speed.


I am seeking advice on what is the best plan for my circumstances. If the Forum community has a much better plan, by all means please tell me.


Thank you, in advance, for your time.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    There's nothing wrong with iWeb webpages. Or any webpage for that matter.


    The problem is MSIE.


    Do not waste your time to solve a problem that cannot be solved. Especially problems you do not create.


    Tell your PC friends and family they have choice to use other browsers.


    It's their problem. Let them figure it out.

    I thought that I would help myself out by downloading IE 10 onto my MacBook [OSX-Mountain Lion] and discovered by checking the IE website, there is no such download for the Mac. I contacted Microsoft and found out that there will never be such a download because Mountain Lion does not IE 10.

    MSIE for Mac was cancelled 100 years ago.

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    Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated. I'm in a rural country setting whereby most of my viewers are in the dark ages using Microsoft PCs and IE. They have no concept of Apple as the best alternative for a computer. There are a few Apple users [I know of 3 others in our County]. Some have iPhones and iPods. I am in a void as far as Apple computers go. My nearest Apple Store is 90 kms away.


    I had not realized IE was no longer available for the Mac having not used it myself except when once upon-a-time I purchased a PC laptop 7 years which was the worse purchase I ever made.


    Okay, communicating to the PC users fixated on IE —  what other browsers can I suggest to them? Firefox comes to mind.


    Many of the people I reach-out to are not the trendy types especially when it comes to high technology. Further, they not big time spenders when it comes to computers [HD TVs, yes!]. In other words, they are 65 and older. I trend on eggshells in my territory trying to bring them up-to-speed [pardon, the pu].

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    Unfortunately there are millions of people still using IE and V 9 is actually not too bad.


    You can't just ignore a third of your potential visitors so you should at least try to find solutions...




    One of the biggest problems with iWeb built sites is the size and number of files that need to be downloaded for each page of the site. You can do a lot to cut this down by keeping the content tight and the images small.


    A website that locks up IE can be made to load using an optimizer...


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    Once again, you provide the utmost and valuable information. It is rather overwhelming for me as a low-ended web designer, but I shall review the information many times over to better understand what I need to do to improve my website downloading for IE users. It is very true, many people do not have the latest versions of IE and that obviously compounds the issue of downloading. However, it is essential as web designer that I must provide a more compatible website for these reasons.


    I need to study Webcrusher more deeply in order to utilize this program for my current websites. I fear that I may not follow the procedures properly and eliminate what I have.


    Back to the drawing table and work to improve browser compatibility.


    Again, many thanks for all your excellent information. Just wish I was nearby so that I could have a 'live' tutotorial to 'nanny' me through all these important instructions.

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    Back to you again, Roddy.


    I commenced preparing a new website and followed the instructions on your video regarding setting up the 'text-based' titles. It was difficult trying to write down the instructions by 'stop-starting' the video. By doing so, I think I missed out on some of your essential instructions because once I had completed the navigation section, I was not happy with the alignment of the text on the Index. Also, I made a typo. I was not able to edit the typo, nor realign the text as well format the fonts. So, I gave up and started another new site and went back to the usual method of Index text. I have also tried to insert the 'BACK TO THE TOP' button on my other website but could not engage it.


    Seriously, I am in desperate need of a 'live' techie but living in a rural area is impossible to find such an Apple-based one. The nearest Apple Store that's loaded with 'Geniuses' is 90 kms away. Because Apple has discontinued iWeb, no hope of finding a 'Genius' who will help me out.


    In the meantime, I am revamping existing websites to enable faster downloading. When reading your comments about IE compatibility, I found myself labelled very well as the worse kind of web designer. No wonder I am having issues with IE users.


    Adding to my demise, I'm too inxperienced to use WebCrusher. I fear I will 'crush' my websites and never see them again!


    In closing, I have noted that I do not have the current version of iWeb. My version is 3.0.4 that came with the purchased version of iLife. I noted your version is 4.0. Where can I get this latest version?

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    You do have the latest version of iWeb.  3.0.4 is the latest and last version of iWeb abailable. 



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    Okay, gotcha! I must be seeing things when I was reading Roddy's e-mails. Thanks, for letting me know.


    Have a good day!


    Hope all goes well with the Presidential elections!

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    Another huge problem for web page designers is that not everyone's computer has the lovely fonts you may have on yours and attempt to use in designing your site, and then their browser makes a substitute if the computer trying to view your website's fonts don't match your site. It can be very ugly - such as Courier instead of Verdana - it can cause size issues big time. Image bullets we use in front of text on our macs are often replaced with something else. You're better off to use a "web safe" font both in your text boxes and for text bullets.

  • Roddy Level 6 (17,265 points)

    When possible, you should stick with web safe fonts...



    WIth iWeb you can convert non web safe fonts to an image but this is not a good idea since they will make your website even slower to download and the search engine spiders will not be able to read the "text".


    You can also use hosted fonts but this is not so easy to implement with iWeb...


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    Right on, Linda. I have been using web safe fonts. So, resolved that issue. But, I still canot believe the difference between IE and Safari. I would like to start a campaign like Coca-Cola did by saying "I would like to tell the world to get a Mac so you can use Safari!' All my pages appear exactly as I have created them using iWeb.


    Day dreams! About converting the world to Macs. I'm telling my friends complaining about the PCs to not replace it. Instead, either by a MacBook, iPad or an iMac. Should go into sales instead of designing websites.


    Thanks, for getting back to me.

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    Safari is available for Microsoft windows users but hardly anybody uses it since Google Chrome is faster and better.


    Since returning to Scotland I have noticed that a large number of mainstream European sites don't work too good in Safari. There are so few users that designers don't seem to bother testing their sites in the Apple browser.


    Safari for desktop is not a particularly good browser and Apple doesn't appear to put much effort into resolving its issues now that mobile Safari is the big "seller".


    Mac users should test their sites in Firefox and Chrome before even bothering to look at it in Safari. Also, try to check out your site in both IE V 8 and 9 now and again.

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    Hhi, again, Roddy.


    The region of rural Eastern Ontario that I am in is primarily PC and IE. Unless, I take the time to contact the group that I target for my websites, there is no way to communicate to them to use Safari.


    It surprises me to learn that Safari does not work in Europe. I guess Europe is not that Mac-friendly compared to NA.


    Cannot understand why Apple goes singularly towards the mobile devices leaving the desktop people loose-ended. I realize the wave of attracting the younger generation prevails because they are a mobile group to begin with, to not acknowledge the other demographics of computer users is very short-sighted on their part.


    Safari, where I am located works perfectly well. I have taken your advice and use web safe fonts and colours because I have noted when I go to another person's desktop Mac, fonts and colours can look different if I don't web safe them.


    The time it takes to switch between browsers is consuming and because most people are using IE, I will proof my websites accordingly.


    Would it not be a perfect internet world if all browsers were the same? And, that tlhere was no discrepancy between monitor displays, desktop computers versus mobile devices. Where are these engineers coming from creating a world that is not consistent or compatible. Makes no sense to the non-software-engineer. If I had their skills, I would be developing web browsers to be 'at-one' with one another. Why frustrate the users or the web designers who spend copious hours constructing an appealing website? Somehow, software engineers are either misguided or ill-informed as what is really needed for both the web designer and end-user.

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    Windows users can download IE V 9 which is actually not too bad a browser and should load your iWeb built site OK.


    The problem is that there are still too many people using older versions of IE right back to 6.


    Internet Explorer had to be brought up to date because the older versions didn't support media queries which so many web designers are using now so that their sites will be viewable on the various sizes of mobile devices.


    Website designers have always had to hack around to get sites to work in IE. In a recent client project I had to create a completely separate stylesheet so that the site was viewable in IE 8. This was simply to get around the problem of media queries. There are a couple of javascripts you can apply to achieve the same thing but they add to the page download time quite noticeably which rather defeats the purpose of slimmed down mobile designs. 


    IE 8 and older will fade away so the problem iWeb users will face in the future is any incompatibility with IE 10 since Apple is not going to be there to fix any problems.

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    The problem I have is with some students who use iWeb created their websites and publishes them to a local folder. When they go and preview the website is safari it not displaying properly any ideas? as to what is causing this. They are running snow leopard with sarfari 5.1.9. It could be how they have coded in iWeb but since most of the coding done for you I do not believe that is the case

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