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I rented a movie from iTunes.  I got it to start playing on my Mountain Lion MBPro.  When I tried to Airplay it to my AppleTV to view on a larger screen, the audio came through but not the video which turned into gray and white checkerboard boxes on both the mac and the appletv.  Turned off airplay and the movie started to play normally again.  Anyone have a solution to this or is Apple specifically blocking someone from streaming some content to the AppleTV?  The movie was still downloading, but would play on my Mac and should have been able to stream.

  • Brian Cook4 Level 4 Level 4

    I do not know it as a fact, but I belive you are running into one of the DRM restructions.  They are much stricter with rented content.  And a bunch of apps block content on AirPlay.  They genreally will not allow DRMed content to be streamed or played on a computers video out ports.  Microsoft Media player does the same thing.  You should be able to see it on AppleTV directly as long as you are using the same AppleID on both the Mac and ATV.

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    Same problem on my new MBP w retina display. Happens with both rented and puchased material. It doesn't happen with an old MBP. I've tried wating until download was complete, but still same problem. Sorry, no answer yet.

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    I am having this problem when I rent a movie on my iphone good adio but no video.

    Did you find a sollution?

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    It will only play if I rented or purchased directly from the Apple TV. It appears many people have asked about this and it seems to be a DRM issue. You can try talking to Apple but from what I can tell, there's nothing you can do about it. Would be happy to find another solution.

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    It will AirPlay to the Apple TV, the movie just needs to finish downloading first.

    Source: I literally just got off the phone with customer service. 

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    But apparently the movie has completely downloaded. It's not in the download list. How can I tell if it's fully downloaded?

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    Doh! I can play the rental through the Apple TV menu.

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    Most content with the DRM restrictions will have to complete downloading before AirPlay will function.

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    I had the same problem but finally figured it out. You have to turn on "Mirroring". Go to the main screen on your iPhone and swipe up to open the control center. Press the AirPlay icon, then press the tv icon that you're wanting to play the movie on, and swipe the mirroring icon to ON. Keep in mind, everything you do on your iPhone with "mirroring" turned on, will show on your tv screen. But it will play your rented shows/movies, and it adjusts the screen size automatically.


    Hope this helps!