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Ever since I have upgraded my iPhone 4S I have had NOTHING but problem after problem after problem.


- My phone turns on and off by itself

- The backlight dims and brightens when it feels

- My messages say (1) at least 4 seconds before any name ever shows up

- The maps barely work (although I know this is a problem Apple has addressed already)


The biggest issue I'm having is my phone freezing AT LEAST half the time, if not more, that I try to use the phone. Either the whole entire screen freezes and I can't touch anything, lock or unlock the phone, so basically I just have to sit there and wait for it to fix itself because I cannot even get the phone to power down.


If it isn't the whole entire phone freezing it's the keyboard. The left and right side will just randomly stop working mid text and the other thing I can use are keys in the middle and the space bar if I'm lucky - at which point I have to lock and unlock the phone to regain use of the keyboard (that is IF the phone doesn't freeze during that part leaving me unable to lock and unlock the phone).


I also have one of those $50 cases that are "indestructible" so I know it's not a user issue with me dropping it etc.


Is anyone else having these problems? I'm VERY disappointed in this new IOS 6 software, I'd love to uninstall it but from reading past questions I don't believe that is an option with Apple products.


I just want to see if there's any way to fix these errors before taking the time to completely erase and reset my iPhone (especially if I do all that and I still have the same problems)


THANK YOU for any help

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Yup, i'm having the exact same issues. When I'm sending an iMessage, I press send and it takes 6-12 seconds to actually send and then the phone eventually allows me to use it again. Very choppy when even swiping between screens.


    Any help for amp1089 & I would be greatly appreciated.

  • ckuan Level 7 (29,558 points)

    Do a reset (Hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons about 10 secs or more till Apple logo appears, ignore the Slide to Power Off that appears)

    Note: You will not lose any data.