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Hi guys,

I have an iMac with USB and LAN ports and the latest 13" Macbook Pro with USB and Thunderbolt. I do most of my work on the iMac and then use the Mbook to bring my work wherever I need to go.


I have so far copied the librairy to an external drive and then use that to update the librairy on the Mbook, but each process takes about 45 minutes for a 60GB library. Exhausting and time consuming. Any more efficient ways to do the same?


Thanks a lot,



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    Raphael -


    Putting it on and running it from an external drive is likely the best, simplest, most error-free method.  There are other things that will work (put it on your laptop and mount it when needed to your desktop), but they are complex and invite user error.  The issue is that Aperture is a single-user, single-location application, with no provisions for syncing.