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I  bought the new ipad in Brea Apple store in Oct 1st.  I know it is  only 15days to return or refund.  but I  have bought the new ipad only for 24 days, and now  it

devalueted $100.  I  can't accept this fact. Therefore, can I  exchange my ipad ? or  give me the 100$  price difference ?

thanks   BTW  Do you have any Chinese customer services, I think I  can contact you more convenient with Chinese.

iPad 2, iOS 6
Solved by varjak paw on Oct 25, 2012 10:12 AM Solved

Please be aware that you are not communicating with Apple when you post in these forums. The only people who will reply to your posts are your fellow users.


You would need to talk to the Apple Store from which you purchased the iPad. Apple's official return policy is 14 days, though it's been reported that the manager of some Apple Stores have been waiving that limit.


I doubt very much that the Apple Store will have anyone who speaks Chinese, though of course you can ask.