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I have a newer macbook pro that has 2 USB ports, and a lightning port and a firewireport.


On stage I will be using the firewire port connected to a Presonus Firestudio mobile to use as the interface to the house mixer.


I will use 1 USB for my M-audio Axiom 61


I will use the other for my Yamaha WX-5 Wind synth


I'd like to be able to get the apogee midi foot controller to control the playback audio. For example I'll be using it to stay in a solo section, then step on it to move it forward ot the next section when I am done soloing


I'd also like to use some sort of midi switch to turn on vocal effects of the mic.


Anyway since I only have 2 USB ports, how should I connect the 3rd, or 4th USB midi controller?


Will a USB hub work to do this? If so, will I always have to remember to use the same controler in the same exact hub input to make sure everything maps the same?


I guess I'll also have to learn how to setup multiple controllers in Mainstage as well.




MainStage, Mac OS X (10.7.4)