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I have a newer macbook pro that has 2 USB ports, and a lightning port and a firewireport.


On stage I will be using the firewire port connected to a Presonus Firestudio mobile to use as the interface to the house mixer.


I will use 1 USB for my M-audio Axiom 61


I will use the other for my Yamaha WX-5 Wind synth


I'd like to be able to get the apogee midi foot controller to control the playback audio. For example I'll be using it to stay in a solo section, then step on it to move it forward ot the next section when I am done soloing


I'd also like to use some sort of midi switch to turn on vocal effects of the mic.


Anyway since I only have 2 USB ports, how should I connect the 3rd, or 4th USB midi controller?


Will a USB hub work to do this? If so, will I always have to remember to use the same controler in the same exact hub input to make sure everything maps the same?


I guess I'll also have to learn how to setup multiple controllers in Mainstage as well.




MainStage, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hi there,


    is a question which many of us have spent ...


    I think the obvious answer is that yes you can use a hub and connect everything. however ....


    sincerely advise you to buy a good hub that is well feasible, the last thing you want on stage / rehearsal is one of midi controllers stop responding, or stay with hanged notes... etc., do not buy just because it is cheap it has to be stable and viable, some bring cable for connecting wall power just to not drain power from the USB port.


    Other things to try is to distribute as much equipment for USB / Midi.


    For example one of midi controllers connect via USB but not by Midi outside the Presonus Firestudio. Connecting Presonus Firestudio to a single USB port as it is a main equipment.


    but it really is an issue that greatly limits the use of USB devices.


    Try it and tell me how it went. Good luck


    (sorry for my english i´m Portuguese)

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    hi dkingnu,


    Have news for us? How do you solve your question?


    Rate my answer if i´ve helped you.



    Bruno Filipe

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    You may run into USB bus power issues with several USB devices connected (try and see if it all works OK). You could solve any issues with a powered USB hub, or , if possible, by running some of them with their own PSU rather than with bus power.




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    Yes, just watch the power as said above.  I had an axiom, nanokontrol, and nanopad running through a cheap hub just fine.  As soon as I added an mpd24 to the same hub, nothing worked.  I plugged the mpd into the second dedicated port on the computer, and everything was fine again.


    And using the exact same port each time on the hub does not seem to be an issue.


    Good luck!

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    Can you recommend a "good hub" so I can match it?  I have a Macally Mini 7-Port POWERED USB 2.0 Hub with AC Adapter (TriHub7)  . When I plug a keyboard with 5 PIN DIN midi using Moto FastLaneUSB Midi interface (which converts from 5 pin din to USB), it works fine on USB directly into my iMAC, but if I plug it into the USB hub, all kinds of timing and delays happen.  I'm using Logic Pro 9.


    Question #2 Is the 5 pin din to USB conversion a slower speed than an Oxygen49 keyboard that has a direct usb cable?


    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DBF07S/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&p sc=1


    Thanks, Doug