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WDS UK Level 1 Level 1

I wonder if our application for iTunesU that has been declined, again, can be investigated please.  We have students and staff with around 600 iPads already and have a further 200+ iPads and 20 new iMacs on order to supplement the two suites of 60 iMacs we already have.  We are an Academy now so I genuinely do not understand what 'requirements for inclusion' we are missing?

I would be obliged if this decision could be reviewed please or an explanation provided of the reasons we do not qualify.

Solved by varjak paw on Oct 25, 2012 12:51 PM Solved

You are not communicating with Apple when you post here. With a couple of rare exceptions, we're all just fellow users here and as such have no way of looking into your issue. In another post it was suggested to send an email to itunes-u-request@apple.com. That might be worth a try, anyway.