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Imessage suddenly stopped working responding that every phone number was unregisterd.  These are numbers that I imessage daily, like my wife and best friend.  How do I report this outage to apple?

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    Apple are aware of it and it is a problem world wide. Hopefully it will be back up and running very shortly.





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    I am not sure if what I had is the same as you (or what you meant)


    I have two iPhones

    One uses an @me.com iCloud ID and the other my older Apple ID from a external email.


    I had "Accepted" or rather used the second (but older) ID on the one of the iPhones and declined the other when updating to iOS 6.

    This added one iPhone number to the Messages settings as a Alias.


    A few weeks later I noticed that the iPhone number was Missing for Messages.

    I removed the Apple from the iPhone and turned the iPhone Off then On again and re-added the ID.


    It did say for ages that it was "Awaiting Verification" but eventually the iPhone number showed up again.



    I take it "Wife" and "Best Friend" are in fact two people.

    Have they lost the numbers from their Macs  (is it no longer listed with the iMessages servers ?


    The alternative is that you have "lost" their iPhone Numbers from the Contacts App.





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