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Yesterday I had got my iPad stolen from school and I had contacted the authorities and so on. When I went to go locate it on iCloud I read that in order for it to track it would have to be connected to wifi -___-. When I read that I wanted to just return all my apple products. Like please tell me what sense does that make? How can you find my iPad if its can only be tracked when it's on wifi. I am a very anger apple customer at this point because I thought apples products were suppose to be state of the art technology. Apple really needs to develop tacking devices on a iPad a mini tracker for when people get there apple product stolen like come on apple step your products up if I  going to by products from you I want to make sure my stuff is safe. I know it wouldn't be hard to install little mini GPS trackers so people that is registered to a apple product can trace when product is stolen.

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    Think before posting.


    How can an iPad send its location back to Apple's server without an active Internet connection?


    The iPad with cellular model DOES have GPS, but it still needs a network connection to send the location back.


    Perhaps you think Apple should be able to bend the laws of physics and somehow invent a magical technology that allows remote devices to communicate with servers thousands of miles away without using the Internet? Why don't Apple just invent their own new version of the Internet and deploy it worldwide just to please you?


    If you want to make sure your stuff is safe, look after it better - looking after your stuff is not Apple's job, it is yours.

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    First off I said it got stolen from me. So in that case there's no reason for find my iPad or iPhone because if the guy know that once you put it on wifi he will be tracked so Ofcourse he is not going to put it on wifi and just shut it down until it gets home and just restored the device. I did think about what I post and I think apple should have a option for its customers to install a mini tracker in the apple device. I really don't think it's that hard just to install if someone acts for it because if apple can design these advance technology than I don't think it's hard to make a mini tracker for customers if they ask them to. And it's not to please me it's to please all. Apple customers who have gotten there apple device stolen from them because I know there are many thefts dealing with a apple device where people can't locate there device. So they can't break the law if a apple customer asks them to install it for them.

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    How do you propose this "mini tracker" gets activated when the device is stolen? And then how would this "mini tracker" send the location of the stolen device back to Apple?