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my hard drive was recently replaced. I backed up my computer before the replacement to my external drive. How can I restore my computer? I've tried several times but it is not working. Don't know if I'm doing it correctly.

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    In order to help, we'd need to know what kind of backup?


    And, your profile shows you're on OS 10.6.4 - is that correct? If not, which version?


    If a bootable clone, simply attach the external drive, format the internal, and clone back your entire system.


    If Time Machine, here is some info (I don't use it):


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    I have 10.6.8. I used time machine to backup

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    Thanks; so did the new hard drive have the same version on it and what did you do when you first powered it up? Using Setup Assistant at that point would be the right way to go - as I said, I don't use Time Machine, but I'll see if I can get our TM guru's attention....


    Please post what you've done since you got the Mac back so he can help you.

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    Apple doesn't make it very obvious, unfortunately. 


    Start up from your Snow Leopard Install disc;  that will give you the option to restore your entire system from a TM backup.


    See Time Machine - Frequently Asked Question #14 for the gory details.



    EDIT:  Most likely, whoever replaced the disk set up a user account, to test the installation.   If so, you can't use Setup Assistant, as it only runs after installing OSX on an empty volume.  In theory, you can use Migration Assistant instead, but that results in an extra user account and possible loss of permission to files on other drives, especially backups.


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    The original hard drive had a recall - defective. Apple replaced the drive for free, so I'm not sure what they loaded. I assume it was the original version. I keep hearing about the "original OS" disk, however, my computer did not come with an installation disc and outside of purchasing a disc, which I don't want to do, I don't know how to obtain one

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    Sheesh, you're fast........ thanks!


    Anyway, I'll step back for a bit so as not to muddle up the conversation.


    But, for DKLuser:


    you do need an install disk. If yours has/had 10.6.x on it, that means it came with Snow Leopard and there should have been a disk. If you bought it used, you should have gotten a disk as well. But, the fact is you don't have one and need one: call Apple, and either buy a retail Snow Leopard disk (less than $20) or give them your serial number and they'll send you one for a nominal charge.

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    If you were running Snow Leopard (10.6.8), and bought the Mac new, it came with two gray discs.  One is marked "OS X Install DVD."  If you bought the Mac used, the seller should have included the discs.  If not, AppleCare can send replacements for a nominal fee.  They'll need your serial number.


    Snow Leopard was replaced by Lion in July of 2011;  if you bought after that, it may have come with Lion, and has a Recovery HD (actually a hidden partition) that serves a similar purpose.


    If you were running Snow Leopard, and Apple installed either Lion or Mountain Lion, you need to get the Snow Leopard disks and do the full restore as outlined.  You won't be able to use Lion or Mountain Lion without paying for it.  And it will be a bit tricky to install, as that's done over the internet. 

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you. I got it to work! I went into time machine and found the date I wanted to restore from. I right clicked the folder and selected "restore to" and selected Macintosh HD. It copied the folder over. then I opened the folder and selected one of my software applications and it began to load it. thanks again for your help.

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    Ah, sorry, I thought you wanted to restore your entire system (so did Babowa).


    Glad you figured it out!  


    Just for future reference, you might want to review the Time Machine Tutorial, and perhaps browse Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Glad you got it sorted - sorry about the confusion, but you did say you wanted to restore your computer - not just one thing.

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    yes, you are right. I appologize. I did ask how to restore the system and what I thought was a solution, turns out not to be what I thought. I called Apple and they sent me an install DVD. I followed the instructions for restoring from time machine, however, when I restart the computer with the DVD, it goes to a white screen with the apple logo and freezes. I can't get past this screen. Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like the installation of OSX that was restored may be damaged. 


    Try installing a fresh version from your shiny new disc (that won't disturb anything else), per the pink box in Installing the ''combo'' update and/or Reinstalling OSX.


    If that doesn't help, see Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup.

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    Thanks. I tried downloading the combo updates, I tried to reinstall; it started to reinstall then quit abruptly and restarted the computer and froze again on the grey screen. I tried all the "grey screen" helps except for "Reset the NVRAM/PRAM". I don't know what that is. anyway, I'm not getting results. If I took it into an Apple store, would they be able to recover my back up?

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