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I have an iMac Intel Core i5, Mac OS X, version 10.6.8 to which I transferred my PC files in June 1011. I apparently imported some mischief from my PC at the same time. Recently I installed more ram and have a total of 12 GB now, a new Linksys 54GL router, Comcast came by and upgraded everything and I have broadband. I put the Symantec folder in the trash and emptied the trash but still when I type my email into the site in order to access the link the Norton icon pops up and offers to put my info in for me. However, it has two incorrect email addresses both misspellings of my actual email adddress. Could Norton be messing up my ability to access these files?


I spent money on the program and can access 2/3rds of it but not Parts 5 and 6. I've spoken with the IT person at the site and he has double checked everything on his end. Other people can access all the Parts of the program, just not me. Any idea of what I could try to correct this situation? Would running ClamXav be the next step? Have any other suggestions?





iMac, OS X Server, Intel Core i5