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I have used the ihandy alarm clock for a few years on my 3GS no problems.


It's great as you can set the alarm to your choice of music and give the phone a shake to snooze rather than push buttons


Since upgrading to an iphone 5 the alarm has failed to go off on three occasions... slept in once, wife's alarm got me off the hook the other twice


The first time I thought I had forgot the alarm or had the sound turned off. All other sounds on the phone were silent. A reset fixed things


The second time the display showed that the alarm was running but there was no sound. A reset was required to get any sound out of any application


On both occasions the sound button was set to on.


I wasn't able to reproduce the problem and neither was the person at the Apple store but they replaced the phone THANK YOU


That was a week ago and it has been fine till this morning... same problem, saved by my wife's alarm


There are a few posts about similar irrefular problems but no apparent conclusive solution


Any ideas please?





iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Hi Peter,


    The same started happening to me a few days ago on my IPhone 4 after I upgraded to iOS 6.0. From the tests I made, the problem is not only related to ihandy alarm clock. Something more general is happening. I am now provissionally using Apple's alarm clock, but doesn't have all the features I like.


    Hope someone can help.



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    I am having the same problem, first with Nightstand Central and then with Alarm Clock Pro.  The issue is not limited to the alarm, although I only focus on it when the alarm fails to go off.  Then I notice that when I try to play a song from the Music app, it gets "stuck" on pause.  Same thing for videos in my Photos.  If I turn the iPhone off and then on (I guess this is a "reset"), it fixes all of these problems temporarily, but they come back.


    I suspect there is either a problem with ios 6, with the iPhone itself, or with the interaction between the alarm apps and the iPhone's software or hardware.  I have now deleted all of my alarm clock apps and am going to try using Apple's Clock to see if I still have the same problems.

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    Same problem here! Very frustrating especially the fact that it's intermittent. The alarm works most times, then randomly doesn't work (although the display shows it working; there's just no sound).


    Seeing as Apple doesn't appear to be on this,

    do any of you have any other alarm apps that do work (consistently)?

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    Same happening for me. Three times now, no alarm.


    I sent an email to iHandySoft. Will post response here if...if I even get one.

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    Ditto for me.  Happened again this morning.  It has been an intermittent issue for me, but the frequency seems to be increasing as of late.  I also sent an email to iHandySoft.  What good is the alarm if I don't have confidence in it?

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    The response I got from iHandy was to reboot the phone before bed each night. I've been doing this and have not seen the issue reappear since.


    I really hope they intend this to be a temporary workaround while they're working on the issue, but there was no indication given that it was being addressed.

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    Agreed, let's hope a temporary workaround as I have it happening on both iPhone (4s) and iTouch (4th gen) hoping that one would at least work through the night - but this morning both silent and slept in. Seems to have just been an issue since upgrading last year to iOS 6.

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    I d/l various alarm apps and not one woke me with sound - only a useless visual message. However, in my case two changes of settings did the trick. I use a, by now, old-fashioned iPhone 3A but has latest IOS6.1.3. operating system and anyway later phones have similar settings. Firstly ensure the app is set to give banners or alerts and secondly ensure the 'do not disturb' option is off. To check or amend these go to settings/notifications/scroll down to name of app/ ensure 'alert style' is set to either 'banners' or 'alerts'. For second check go to settings/notifications/do not disturb and ensure 'off'' or at least the set time frame does NOT include the time of the alarm.


    These points might help someone out there I hope

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    I've had the same problem with the iHandy alarm clock on my iPhone 4.  Sometimes the alarm works fine, but randomly (twice per month?) it will appear to be alarming, but with no sound.  Once that happens, there's no sound from any app, and I can only fix it by rebooting the phone.


    I've tried checking the sound on the phone every night before going to sleep, but even that's not a reliable precaution.  One time the alarm sounded normally at the alarm time - I pressed snooze and went back to sleep - then the alarm failed to sound at the snooze time. 


    I switched back this week to the "12,24 Alarm Clock Sleep Music" app - it's an older app and doesn't have as many features as iHandy, but I haven't had reliability problems with it.


    I wonder if iHandy's "background alarm" functionality somehow conflicts with the iOS?  The 12,24 clock doesn't have that feature, which is one of the reasons I switched to iHandy clock - but it's more important to have a reliable alarm.

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    This is a complete piece of crap.  How complicated can it be to create an alarm clock that makes a specified sound at a specific time?  This thing sometimes just gives a text notification at the specified time.  Apple should get it out of there.

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    First you check the mechanical Silent switch on the side of the iPhone is On. Next, make sure the volume is all the way up. Then, you go into the Settings and make sure the Do Not Disturb is NOT enabled. This next part I have not seen in any of these responses. Go to Notification Center, scroll down to the Alarm app that you are using, click on it and choose Alerts (rather than None or Banners) and be sure to enable Sounds too (tap on it and it will turn green to the right). 

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    Actually, it can still work while Do Not Disturb is on - handy if you want to NOT be awoken by calls in the middle of the night, only by your alarm!

    You just set DND to On, and then go back to the Alarm app. Make sure you leave the alarm app open. If you close the app, then the alarm won't go off during DND.


    I've found that the best fix is: after setting your alarm, THEN turn the volume all the way up. For some reason, I can have the phone volume up, then set the alarm, and the volume has mysteriously turned down all the way. I think that the problem with the app is connected to that.

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    For me the problem is that it SOMETIMES doesn't start the music. It is not about configuration, but about a random problem that IOS has been inheriting through various versions with almost all the Alarm Clocks that I tried except Apple's original.


    But, on the same line, how complicated can it be for Apple to create an alarm clock with an option to vibrate or not, independently if your ringer mode is vibrating or not. It is sooooo annoying!


    The only solution I found is to set IHandy 10 minutes before Apple's, so I can be sure not to wake up late...anyway, love my Iphone!