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Hello everybody!


My iPhoto fails to create an AlbumData.xml for iTunes to sync photos with my iPhone, creates ApertureData.xml instead.


I use iPhoto 9.4.1 with latest updates installed as well as an uptodate iTunes. I never had Aperture installed. IPhoto was updated several times from the first version on Intel architecture.


Everything started with old events and Albums showing up in iTunes. New events and albums did not show up. I already did repair as well as rebuild the iPhoto database. After that I got deeper into the library folder I discovered that iPhoto creates ApertureData.xml instead of AlbumData.xml. But iPhoto expects AlbumData.xml. Placing an old AlbumData.xml into the folder makes iTunes show some old folders and albums. But as they do not exist, all are empty. New events are missing.


I followed some advises and deleted the iApps plist as well as all Caches under ~/Library/


I created a new iPhoto library with another user and found only one difference in the plist: com.apple.iPhoto.plist shows a different path (expected) but also the ApertureData.xml where the newly setup plist shows AlbumData.xml. When manually changed it is every time reset to ApertureData.xml by iPhoto on closing.


I also discovered the entry TouchedByAperture set to TRUE in one plist file contained in the database folder of my iPhoto library.


Even closing iPhoto and then setting this to FALSE and changing to AlbumData.xml is reset by iPhoto (or some other background process?) when iPhoto ist started again.


I also deleted every event, slideshow, keyword with any special character in it before finding out about ApertureData.xml.


Which switch in which plist did I overlook?


How to solve this?


Where does this problem come from?


Anybody else affected?

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5), iMac 20' late 2007