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I performed the iOS 6 update to my iphone and in doing so, the update deleted the camera feature of my phone. Apple store employees shrugged their shoulders and told me to perform the backup again but this time via iTunes and on my computer. This was done and my camera feature is still gone.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6
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    No, it simply did not.

    The camera cannot be deleted as it is a part of iOS.

    Check all home screens and folders.

    Check Settings > General > Restrictions to ensure it is not simply turned off.


    If there are any Exchange profiles on the device, it is possible to disable the camera (and other features of the device) via Exchange profile, try removing the profile(s).

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    Yes, it simply DID. The staff at the Apple store are familiar with this problematic iOS 6 update and are flustered by it because the solutions are not evident or available.

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    The possible reasons as to why the Camera icon is not displaying have been provided.  It is up to the user to investigate those or live without the camera icon.

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    Please do not flippantly respond to problems with which you are completely unfamiliar and are clueless about solutions. Apple acknowledges this problem with the update and the fact this update is faulty and they are unsure how to proceed. SOME users have been able to restore their camera by either resetting the unit or reloading the update again. Unless you have something useful, please do not reply.

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    If it were an issue with iOS6, I would expect to see other posts reporting similar issues... there are none.

    You obviously do not want assistance and only want to rant, so why come here in the first place?

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    Speak to someone who works at Apple and is familiar with the iOS6 update. THEY know about this issue, I KNOW exactly how it happeneed. The only one in the dark is you. I suspect you are a know-it-all, insecure bully who cannot accept the fact that you are wrong or that there are things beyond your comprehension. 

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    Seems you are the one with the issue.  I merely provided the accurate information.

    Regardless... enjoy the device however it works for you.


    If you want to get your camera app back, I've provided the information to restore it.

    If not... then live with the device as is.