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Hey everyone.. I have a question to ask, concerning the new iMac presented in 23rd of October... I read it will be released in November (the 21.5' model) and in December (the 27' model). Are these dates only for America or worldwide? Thank you

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    go to the apple store for whatever country you're in and it should show you when they're available. In the UK it shows the same time as the States

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    well, in my country there is no apple online store, and in the website it does not show the new iMac section at all.. it just displays the 2009 model... Does that mean it will be available later? If I try checking a country's website that has the iPhone 5 available at the same date as my country, will that work? I mean, aren't these two countries supposed to get all the products at the same time?

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    I guess that any country that doesn't have an online store would probably be pretty late on the delivery schedule (which country are you in?). Another idea would be to contact your countries Apple reseller directly and ask them.

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    I am in Greece.. You are right thank you very much! And a last question I have, do you think the new iMac is better than the previous one? Because I think the 2009 model is better.. I mean it is only thinner.. Plus, it doesn't give the opportunity of inserting a CD right? What do you think?

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    I bought the 27" gi7 when it came out - still have it and love it..... haven't burnt/inserted a DVD in months, maybe even a year.  The main reason for an upgrade for me is all about the speed - if the new iMac didn't come with the Solid Stare Drive option then I wouldn't be too bothered.


    SSD drives are amazingly fast when compared to what the current iMac have - no matter how much ram you put in them.... the thing that I really noticed when using the latest airbook was how fast Safari was compared to my iMac right next to it.... even though they were sharing the same signal the SSD macbook air was easily 2 or 3 times faster.... and launching apps was almost instantaneous.  My iMac now seems a slowcoach in comparison. Also if you really need to burn a DVD you can but 3rd part DVD writers on ebay for peanuts £20 or so.... or the compatible Apple version which I think is £80.


    And having 3TB of storage rocks!

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    Oh, thank you very much!!

    Well, I use a lot of CDs and the "old" iMac let's say is fast right? I mean if you haven't used Safari in Air, would speed be a problem in your 27' model?

    3TB option really is fantastic but I don't think I am going to use all of this storage haha:)

    And since I don't really see the new iMac coming in less than 4 or 5 months, I guess I am getting the 2009..

    Except if you tell me that you thought it was slow before you tried the new one, and if it had ever occured any other problems or inconveniences!

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    That's the thing about tech gadgets, you're always perfectly happy with what you're using as long as it does the job for you..... but once you've played with the next model up you always notice the speed increase. The speed increase between an SSD and a regular spinning HD is considerable..... you really DO notice it.... and once you do your current machine becomes annoyingly slow... well for me anyway.


    But at the end of the day my current imac is still great to use.

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    Thank you for every reply you gave me, it really was helpful!

    I appreciate your opinion and thank you for your time, after all