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I can connect my iPhone 4 to my iTunes via the Remote app, but my iPad 3rd Gen refuses to connect.  Any reasons?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    Some more info would be nice. Any chance you have more than one network in your home and the ipad is on a different one? This happend earlier today to another poster, he had no idea he had 2 networks.


    You can look thru these links for answeres.





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    Hi, thanks for the response.


    What more info would you like?


    I have iTunes installed on an iMac running Snow Leopard.  I have an iPhone 4 (work issue) although my iTunes account is on both the iPad (3rd Gen) and the iPhone 4.  When I installed the Apple Remore app on the iPad and the iPhone I added the app generated passcode to iTunes and the iPhone synced immediatedly, whilst the iPad didn't sync at all and for some reaosn couldn't see the iTunes Library.  I deleted the app on the iPad, reinstalled it, and tried again - the iPad refuses to see the iTunes library on my iMac.


    I only have one Network (TalkTalk) in my house, and the same wireless router was used by both the iPad and the iPhone (and the iMac) to connect wirelessly to the internet.