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For those such as my self who were suffering with major issues with system sounds not working, or when you recover the phone back to factory settings

and not getting the audio bar slider on the ringer not displaying, music not playing and more I have some news for you.


I my self had been plagued with sound issues, and 1 fix for me was just to simply leave the phone sit there until it goes into sleep mode for 5 mins and wake it up guess what I then had sound and everything worked fine.  But i also noticed something strange the phone would NOT power down at all it would simply just reboot into the IOS.


For mobile phone users who have been running the previous IOS for sometime may have developed a small fault with their phones.  Weather it be a software or even hardware, but users who generally suffer wuith issues with sound on their updated IOS iphone 4 or 4s despite doing many restores and reflashing the firmware I have some news, and that is the phone is faulty.


why? but it works fine?


Of course the Iphone is a clever device and tends to bypass any issues with the hardware providing its not to severe.


So why now? after the IOS update...


When i took the phone into apple with my Booked Appointment they looked inside using a device to see if there was water damage, of which there was none.

They instantly replaced my Iphone for a new 1.


I asked the question why was i getting this after the IOS Update..


They stated when you update to the new firmware and IOS the software checks all the hardware on the phone to ensure that its functioning properly.  When the software can't communicate with specific tests on the phones hardware it reports back as faulty, but the phone Doesn't switch off or render it useless, the Diagnostics test just simply returned a result which was negative.


In my case this had to do with some chip or circuit on my phone that uses the sound.  There was a short somewhere on the phone and god knows where hence the reason when your phone powers it self down to sleep mode it disables specific parts of the hardware and when you wake it up it tries to power up the chips or sound module sometimes working and sometimes not..


I haven't go the Full explanation but nevertheless I Had a replacement and i used my backup from my pc and the phone now works 110% with ZERO issues.


Please do remember that when u flash the firmware with the new IOS the software has to test the phone and this is where the issue lays.


Im not stating that this is the case with other issues such as WIFI or GPRS but may seem likely, specially if you have tested the phone by restoring 10001 times and getting nowhere.


So for user's still stuggling take your phone back, if you dont have a warranty left, then i suggest getting some form of insurance!

Thankfully I had warranty still on my phone and was replaced without Question.


For people who have had Water Damage on their phones, forget it! dont waste your time they know instantly, there are sensors inside the phone of which are sticker based that turn white when wet from a sexy pink color.


They dont open the phone rather stick a device that kinda looks like a tool that docs use to test your ears or look into them, but for the iphone their far thinner and shines a bright llight inside


Another note:


I was having issues with the side buttons as well so please i urge you to take the phone to apple retailer asap.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1