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I want to restore my iPhone 3Gs but I don't want to update it to iOS 6. I now have iOS 5.1.1. I can't erase all settings and contents from my phone as it isn't working. Can anyone help me with this problem?

I want to restore my iPhone just because my iTunes isn't recognising it when i'm connecting my usb cable. An error is occuring. I have read that I'll have to restore my iPhone in order to eliminate this error. iTunes can not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occcured (0xE8000012)

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 5.1.1
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    Unknown Error containing "0xE" when restoring

    To resolve this issue, follow the steps in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Unknown error containing '0xE' when connecting. If you have a Windows computer with an Intel® 5 series/3400 series chipset, you may need updates for your chipset drivers. See iTunes for Windows: Issues syncing iOS devices with P55 and related Intel Chipsets for more information.


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    I think I have done everything suggested but my issue isnt resolved yet. Just tell me how to restore in iTunes without udating to ios6