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Can i save everything on my macbook (hard drive, apps, os, and work) to an external hard drive in order to create disc space to render an idvd?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 (1,860 points)

    Best not to touch the OS or any special files as the Mac may not boot or work again without a reinstall.


    There are several solutions:


    1 - easy:


    Move most contents of user folders but not the folders

    Move any other user data

    Move Developer folder if it exists

    Move a few large Application

    Move 'System Folder' (NOT System folder) if it exists


    2 - better but take care with this:


    Also delete non-critical  caches - AppleJack is a safe way to clean disks and remove some caches

    Also delete /Users/user-name/Library/Caches

    Also delete non-critical log files especially:




    /private/var/log/system.log - all items with this prefix

    Use Monolingual to remove unwanted items

    Manually remove unwanted modem files, printer files and any remaining unwanted languages


    3 - best:


    Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the whole disk to an external disk

    Erase internal disk and do a minimum OS install

    Perform task

    Reinstall normal OS from clone

    Keep clone as backup