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I have videos stored on my iPad, that I filmed myself, under 'Movies'. I 'VJ' using these clips using the (excellent) TouchViz app.


The Macbook Pro that I used to make those movies died and I have no backup of the original files. I need to move those clips back to my new Macbook Pro in order to edit them. Is there an official way of doing this?


I'm assuming that if I opt to sync my iPad I'll lose the videos as they do not currently exist on my Macbook HD. Just to reitterate; there are no copyright issues here - this is all my own work!



iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    I don't quite understand "under Movies". In what app are the "Movies" stored? Typically apps that allow for transfer back to the computer would make use of iOS file sharing. Does the app that you used not tell you how to transfer the files back to the Mac?


    This explains how file sharing works.



    If the "Movies" are in the camera roll, you can import them into the Mac.


    This explains how to import photos and movies.


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    Therein lies the problem!


    On the iPad, itself, the clips are in the native 'Videos' app.


    When syncing with itunes, they show up as 'Movies'.


    Understandably, given that this is where rentals/bought movies from itunes are stored, Apple doesnt seem to keen to make copying them back to a computer too easy.

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    I know very little about shooting movies and even less about editing with another app. I do know that when I shot the few videos that I have taken with my iPad, they are stored in the camera roll, that is where they are saved by default. From the camera roll, videos can be imported to the Mac using iPhoto.


    The TouchViz app is an app that you used to edit the videos? If this is the App that you are using, according to what I see in the app description, you can use File Sharing to import the movies to the Mac, which is what I suggested above.




    Have you read the documentation that came with the app? There must be some instructions or support site where you can get the information that you need.


    EDIT - Read this.


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    Mentioning the app was misleading - sorry!


    In a nutshell, videos shot externally -> edited on macbook -> transferred to ipad for performance.


    (...and then I lost the originals when I killed my macbook. So now I need them from iPad -> Macbook)


    The problem, put simply, is that I had to transfer these files to iPad 'Videos' in order for the app to be able to use them. If they were in camera roll it would be no problem at all: photostream/email/dropbox etc.


    Having them in 'Videos' on ipad seems to make them inaccessible (unless you still retain the originals). I've found some vaguely dodgy looking 3rd party software options but I'm not keen on that route if there's a viable, official aternative!

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    I apologize. I totally misunderstood your question.


    There is an application called TouchCopy that I have seen being recommended on this site all the time for transferring iPad content back to your Mac or PC. I have never used it, but you can check it out yourself.  There is a demo that you can try before you but it.