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This is an odd situation. I have DSL with an old 2210 modem. That's connected to a DX-E402 router. The router provides a direct connection for one iMac, and also connects to an Airport Express (in bridge mode), which provides wifi internet access to everyone else (IMacs, MacBook Pros, etc.). Now, I have to reboot (power cycle) the Airport Express frequently in order to provide that wifi internet access. When the wifi access is down, the DSL connection, through the directly connected iMac, is just fine. The DSL connection is fine. Just the wifi link is gone. Now, what's very peculiar is that I'm starting to see that the wifi goes down about the same time every day. It's fine in the morning, and then, sometime around 10-noon every day, it goes down. Nothing else happening around then. It doesn't go down any other time.


Is this a situation where the lease on the router to the Airport Express times out? The lease is set to the 120 minute default, which really isn't close to 24 hours. Is something timing out here?? The WPA timeout on the Airport Express is set to 1 hour. Also not close to 24 hours. If the problem were random, I could just chalk it up to, um, bad luck. But I'm getting the impression that there is something more organized going on here.


Ideas? Things to check?

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    Well, it stopped doing that every day. So this is beginning to just look like bad luck. But gee, it hung up that way every day for a week ...


    I guess another possibility is that someone was messing with that channel at the same time every day for while. Though when I looked, no one else was on that channel. 

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    Though when I looked, no one else was on that channel.


    A significant number of users make use of the option on their wireless routers to "hide" their network, so it is quite possible that there are other networks around you that your scanner cannot "see".


    When I was having interference problems a few years ago, my utility would pick up 5-6 networks around me. When I had a professional IT guy come out and run some scans with pro equipment, his program picked up 18 possible sources of interference.


    There may be more networks around you than you might think.

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    Fair enough. But I guess that means that smeone chose to mess around on my channel at the same time every day.