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Hi, I just got a 2nd hand ipod mini, which is having some problems. I can load about 35 MB of songs before loading slows to a crawl, then stops. I've reset it, (successfully) and tried to use HD utility (unsuccessfully). In HD utility it starts to erase freespace, then the program stops responding.

I'm doing this through the USB2 port, using two different cords, and have removed all other USB items.

I've tried to do the diagnositc mode, but it won't seem to go into it. I restart & get the logo, but when I press select + back, it ignores it and goes into regular mode.

That's everything I can think to try. If the hard drive IS bad, can I replace it? (Heck, can I replace it with a 6GB (or larger) drive in the same form factor?


ipod mini 4Gb v1   Mac OS X (10.4.5)