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#1 When Will Apple ever Update Apple Mac App Store? cause it's starting to look like it's getting old even though it's working great but i think there needs to be an Update on Apple Mac App Store, they should make it look more like Apple iTunes in the Very end, that would be a good idea.







#2 in Apple Mac App Store they have a Papular Puzzlers Brain-Testing Games part of the Store, ok when you click it & or see it the Backround has a Red Maze of Some kind of game, what is the Name of that Mac Game or iPhone Game or both? cause i really wanna see what that game is, i realize they don't have that game in the link in Papular Puzzlers but there has to be a Certain Red Maze Game with that backround there using i know there is a game like that but don't know the name of that game so does anyone here know the Name of that game that Papular Puzzlers has the Red Backround Maze ? do you know the game name? or they just made a Design that way & thats it?

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