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Here's the problem I have right now. I recently setup windows 8 into bootcamp. I did this because my work demands use of some windows applications. Now, the difficulty arises when I need to use my iPad. I am unable to connect the iPad to the laptop(MacBook pro) and even get it to charge thru USB. It keeps showing the "not charging" at the battery icon in the iPad.


In addition to the above problem, I find that I can't sync my iPad contents into the iTunes that I installed in the windows. So, it's like if I want transfer anything from my laptop to pc, I'll have t o reboot into mac osx. Am I missing something here?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    First, many usb ports on many computers do not provide the required 10w to properly charge an ipad that's why you are seeing the 'not charging' on top of screen. And if the computer goes to sleep while the ipad is connected it can actually drain the ipad battery. Always best to charge the ipad from a wall outlet.




    Second, you can only sync a device to one itunes library at a time, so if it was synced with itunes on the mac, then you will get a warning when trying to sync in tunes on windows.


    But if you could provide a little more info, that would help.


    Is the ipad showing up under devices in itunes on windows? Or is it not recoginised at all?

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    I'm sorry if I misled you there. But this isn't a different pc that I am talking about. It's the same MacBook Pro. The problem is that when I boot into Mac OS, charging does happen, but when I boot into windows(same MacBook Pro, just the bootcamp partition), I get the "not charging" notification.


    The iPad is recognised by the iTunes that I installed in windows and even the USB portable hotspot feature works fine. I am beginning to wonder if the iPad will charge only when it can sync with the local iTunes library.


    Btw, if by any reason, should I have to do a factory reset on the MacBook Pro, will I have to clear all the contents of the iPad to do syncing again? If so, that's a very inconvenient feature.

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    You didn't mislead me, I know what your talking about using bootcamp. But the two different installations of iTunes could be considered as different iTunes libraries by the iPad. I don't know why your iPad would charge on osx but not windows, shouldn't have anything to do wether or not it can sync or not. Could have something to do with the windows os and how its allocated resources, but don't know for sure. I do know that every article I've read, recommends using a wall charge over using a computer. Not that it cant be done, just that its not preferred.


    You shouldn't have to clear the contents of your iPad if you have to reformat your mbp. Regardless, do an iCloud backup just in case, which you should be doing anyway.  If there's no content in the iTunes library, then there shouldn't be any issues with syncing with it for the first time. There are precautions you can take ahead of time though, like turning off automatic syncing in iTunes and turning on manual syncing, but I'll say it again, backup everything first.


    BTW, have you considered using either paralles or vmware to run a virtual desktop of windows on your MacBook Pro instead of having to boot into them separately

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    I tried vmware. But two problems:


    1) Low performance cause as part of my research I need to write and test(need to use some windows specific libraries for some of the work, which is why I need to work in Windows) massively multi-threaded programs and so, I need the full 8 cores instead of 1 or 2(setting anything more than that in vmware, reduces overall system performance).


    2) Windows Activation issues. I tried configuring bootcamp in vmware(a feature thats there in vmware fusion). Basically, windows and other microsoft products would go inactivated the moment I switched from Vmware to Bootcamp or vice versa, even after they have been activated once. It looks like Windows Activation, rather than using the processor ids, is now using the hardware ids of all devices; and now  they seem to keep monitoring for hardware changes. So, when in vmware, its a different configuration than booting into native. I have been looking for ways to make it think that its the same. Haven't had any luck in that area yet.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

    Regarding the syncing, when I tried syncing in Windows, the iTunes library was empty cause I had just installed iTunes in it and when I clicked on sync, it said that all the contents of my ipad will be replaced with whats there in the iTunes library(no contents in library). This shouldn't be any different from a fresh installation of mac osx with iTunes and then, trying to sync the ipad which I had been using all along.

    Anyways, I have iCloud backup. so, I guess I'l just have to re-download all the apps, music and videos if I end up reformating the mbp.

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    Sounds like you're more than famaliar with vmware, I was just making a suggestion. I've experienced peformance issues with it as well, and its usefullness diminished for me.


    Even though the content on your computer is the same for both installations of itunes, there may be two itunes library folders installed within in each platform and thus recognised by the ipad as seperate. I'm just guessing though.


    Also, I just realized that you're using windows 8, now I'm wondering if there's a compatibility issue. Unless someone else responds to this thread, you may end up figuring this all out on your own by trail and error. Hopefully without much error though.


    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    Ohk... Finally found it.


    (1) Regarding the syncing, this is one of those stupid mistakes(and there are a whole lot of them) the developers at apple did. The intention of this design is to keep people from transfering content illegally. For example, to prevent me from transfering apps that I purchased to my friends laptop and then to his ipad and so on. So, the only option for me in case of a reformatting of the mbp is to re-download all the apps and restore all the data from the iCloud backup.

    What they should've done instead of the stupidity is to make sure contents of one iDevice cannot be synced with another, unless they both belong to the same user/apple id. All it takes is a couple lines of code which would check for a match between the apple ids and the device serial numbers.


    (2) Regarding the charging, its the drivers for windows thats the problem. Most windows pcs are not designed to charge the iPad or any of the other devices. Their chipsets can't really handle the power and using them is a strain on the battery and the USB chipset and reduces the overall life of the product, which is why you see that charging anything(if the driver allows) using USB is very slow in pcs. Macbook Pros on the other hand are high power, high performance machines designed to charge iDevices(which requires quite a lot of power), which is why we can charge them or any other devices very quickly. In bootcamp, what really happens is that the software/driver doesn't support charging, which is why it shows that it is not charging. However, the underlying hardware(exclusive to apple's machines as far as I know) does infact charge the iDevice. So, it looks like the device is lying about not being charged. I just tested this out and I did charge the iPad from 86% all the way to 100% and all this time, it kept saying "Not Charging"