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  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,645 points)

    I've seen various symptoms of this, did you try the changing the time for display sleep?


    What all devices do you have connected?

  • Brunoximus Level 1 (0 points)

    Quick update; Last week an apple support engineer from Californa contacted me several times to gather information and details. We agreed to 'bring in' my mac mini. Yesterday a member of the Irish supportteam of contacted me to discuss shipment-details. (I live in the Netherlands / Europe). Today my Mac is on it's way to California. A replacement Mac Mini will be sent out when my machine is delivered at Apple Distribution International in Cork - Ireland.


    Despite my efforts, both engineers did not comment on the situation as a whole. All questions like - How many macs were affected? - Does apple have an idea if its hardware or software related? remained unanswered.


    All in all i'm a little disappointed that i've happened to recieve a faulty unit. Yet i'm more then happy in the way Apple is actively trying to resolve the issue. Kudo's to the very friendly and professional employees. I'm happy to help and get my mac mini exchanged.

  • Philip Tyler Level 4 (2,255 points)

    I have contacted Apple Support and reported it, as I thought it wise to at least have it registered that my Mac Mini was exhibiting this problem.


    They sent me an app which collected data off of the Mac Mini and I sent the resultant file back to them. Lets hope it is an easy fix in software!

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    Cross-posting from the other thread (


    Opened a support ticket today and had a long and rather disappointing call with US AppleCare Support.  They had no knowledge or information on this issue, and after waiting on hold to confer with a senior suppor rep and running through the obvious troubleshooting scenarios the final suggestion was to take it back to the store so they could check it there.


    How you reproduce a random // interemittent event at the Genius Bar in any reasonable amount of time without getting lucky seems unlikely.  I've got a few more days before my 14 are up.  Hopefully some news or a fix in the next 48 hours or so.

  • Evansgo Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup I have it too. Got the middle mac mini 2012, with two Dell IPC U2311H's - one on miniport and the other on the HDMI. The HDMI blinks blank for about 0.5 sec every 12 hours (very roughly) and roughly once a week it  does not come back from this and I get a light coloured noise all over the screen. Unplug the HDMI and put it back in seems to rest it every time.

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    Hello, Evansgo. So you're saying that you are having the issue only with the HDMI output and not the Thunderbolt (or minidisplay port or whatever they call it) output?

  • Evansgo Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, its never happened on the miniport

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    This may or may not be connected but I thought you'd find this interesting as I've just had a disaster: I bought a new 2012 Mac Mini (i7) to replace my Apple TV3, installed Plex and BANG! - it sent a peak signal to my AV amp (expensive Pioneer LX73) via the HDMI cable and, after 6 or 7 of these peak signals, blew it.


    Plex keeps freezing, no metadata, and iTunes won't quit without sending peak signals to the sound processor (trying to quit iTunes was the course of the peak signals).


    Also, it keeps (every 5 seconds) displaying numbers to establish a bluetooth connection to my wireless Apple keyboard (which is already connected). These are major issues! The Pioneer is now in for a 2 week repair and the Mac Mini is being returned to Apple on Monday.


    Before it finally blew my amp, I even tried a factory reset then a complete reinstall of Plex. But it didn't solve anything.

    Anyone out there with similar issues? I'm completely gutted. Help!!

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    I have same issue HDMI->DVI-Dell monitor, screen blinks for 1-3 seconds,  sometimes it happens within first 10 minutes, sometimes it takes some time. 


    I have called apple support, went through PRAM reset and reboot. I was not under impression they are aware of this issue. If I do not see solution/answer until end of this week, mini is going back. I really love mac mini and was waiting for new one for some time, so it is not easy decision, but if i wanted cheap pc experience I would buy cheap pc.


    If apple has a time for patenting rounded rectangle tablet screen, they should find some time to test their products and fix this issue.

  • Philip Tyler Level 4 (2,255 points)

    Apple want to 'capture' my Mac Mini! They will arrange for it to be collected and when they receive it, not that they don't trust me or anything, they will send me a new one.


    So will have to de-authorize my Adobe apps and presumably do a erase and install to get rid of my other apps and documents.


    Oh and remember to take out my 16GB upgrade kit!


    What a palava.

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    Just to add to the list. I'm on about day 10 of my new i7 mini and it's been occurring pretty regularly (3-4 times/day) ever since I unboxed the unit.


    I'm running HDMI -> DVI via the included adapter and then DVI in to my Samsung 245BW.


    It never last more than a few seconds. So I guess it's just annoying at this point thought it's not a very good first impression having just switched to a Mac


    It seems related to the HDMI port. Seems like a ploy by Apple to get us to all buy Thunderbolt displays, which I would if I could afford it .

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    Bitter disappointment.   I just recieved my brand new replacement Mini and within 2 hours of use my Apple Cinema display has blinked out again by itself. (snow). I can reproduce the snow-effect by switching the cinema display off & on again.  Sometimes (2 out of 10) the cinema display initially shows 1 to 4 seconds snow before returning to normal picture.  My guess this interference has something to do with the 'HDMI' handshake, as suggested in another thread.


    This Mini came pre-installed with 10.8.1, but immediatly upgraded to 10.8.2


    I don't know if the problem is in the hardware itself, or just a driver issue, but I am not taking any chances in finding out myself. I will return this MacMini for a full refund unless Apple provides a solution very soon.

  • Westyfield2 Level 1 (5 points)

    Just for anyone else skim reading on the third page without reading the previous pages and getting confused, Brunoximus is using the DVI input on the monitor connected to the HDMI output on the Mac (with an adapter/cable)... not a Mini DisplayPort.

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    hmm interesting. I'm in the market to purchase the new mac mini i7(non server) hopefully next week and hopefully with some sort of discount with that annual black friday apple (sort of, kind of, really nothing to be too excited about) sale.


    Do you all think I should hold off or will I be safe purchasing and waiting for some sort of software update to come in the near future?


    Would be using an HP monitor via dvi either with the included hdmi to dvi or with the mini display port to dvi connector that I'm currently using with my mid 2009 MBP (snow leopard). Was really looking forward to it but am now hesitant.

  • Philip Tyler Level 4 (2,255 points)

    If you connect using the mini display port to DVI and only run single screen then I would say you would be OK.


    Mine only ever exhibited a problem, shash and blacking out, on the HDMI output using the supplied adapter.


    It is a very nippy machine and with fusion drive it booted in seconds I hope they can find a solution to the HDMI problem.