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Kaiwei Level 1 Level 1

Hi, my itunes is not wokring on windows 8 pro.


Any ideas how?


If all my musics, purchased, iphone backup are gone from itunes, what should i do?

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Windows 8 is not supported... wait until a version of iTunes that supports Windows 8 is released.

  • crouchy123 Level 1 Level 1

    and when can we expect it to be released???  it won't even recognize my phone but most of my music is still intact

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    When Apple announces it.

    We're all users here... until Apple announces it we do not know.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 Level 1

    I'm amazed.  Some game is afoot btw MS and Apple and we are caught in the middle of it.  Apple has known 8 was coming for over a year and preview versions have been out since March.  It also knows the number of iPone and iPad users who also use Windows OS computers.


    Not avery impressive way to treat its customers...

  • NMAJDAN Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. I was getting a bunch of errors when trying to sync my phone after upgrading to Win8, so I decided to restore my phone and use a backup. Same error. Then, I went ahead and committed to restoring my phone and starting fresh, something I was dreading. Still, same error. Now, no songs will copy over. My iPhone is basically useless for music now. Awesome.


    I'm getting the error: "iTunes could not copy <song> to the iPhone <device name> because and unknown error occurred (-5000)."


    It's been the same error throughout my restores.

  • NMAJDAN Level 1 Level 1

    I just went through syncing about 1,000 songs (approx 25% of my library). I changed my settings to only sync checked songs. I would get the error, go and uncheck that song, resync. Over and over. About 40 times. Finally have enough songs to last me awhile. Still, very frustrating.

  • joe le trump Level 1 Level 1

    Did you deauthorize your computer as told by the Windows 8 upgrade advisor?

  • NMAJDAN Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I did. Although I did forget to deauthorize my computer from my wife's Apple ID and that has caused some issues on 1 or 2 apps, but I have no music that I pulled from her computer.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 Level 1

    The best way to handle this is probably to leave iTunes authorized and on the Windows 8 machine, but just not open it.  Wnen Apple does publish a compatible version, install it.  It will, therefore, keep all the music, apps, settings, etc.  Unfortunately, the calendar, contacts and apps will just fall out of sync during that time.


    I still have one computer on Windows 7 so I've made that one my primary iPhone & iPad syncing one until Apple gets its act together.


    Great business model... sell Windows OS customers $200 iPods and $700 iPhones, then leave them in the cold.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    cyberbiker wrote:


    Great business model... sell Windows OS customers $200 iPods and $700 iPhones, then leave them in the cold.


    Apple has left no one in the cold.

    No one forced you to buy or install Windows 8.

    It was literally released to the retail Market Friday.


    iTunes still works perfectly fine on XP, Vista, and 7, as well as many versions of OSX.

  • John Fenton Level 1 Level 1

    What kind of problems are you having with iTunes in Windows 8 Pro?


    I'm curious because I installed Windows 8 Pro over a relatively recent (3 weeks old) clean install of Windows 7 leaving iTunes in place and authorized and installed and everything was carried over without problem. The Windows 8 installer didn't give me any warnings about compatibility with iTunes. iTunes 10.7 remained authorized and carried over all my settings. iTunes played music fine. I even synced my iPod Nano (7th) with it a couple of times over the weekend without incident. My setup is pretty typical, except that I have the iTunes program and media folders on a secondary internal hard drive (B:) because my boot drive (C:) is a 128GB SSD.



  • NMAJDAN Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, true. But, Apple likes to gloat when they release a new iOS or MacOS version on how quickly that new OS is adopted - how many people upgrade within the first few days/weeks. So, I would assume Apple would expect that there would be users who did this for their non-Apple OS's and would be prepared to handle it. As has been mentioned, the first developer release of Windows 8 came out over a year ago; it didn't just come out Friday. There have been 8 versions of iTunes released since the developer preview was released (10.5 came out about a month after the dev preview of Win8).

  • blurnard Level 1 Level 1

    for me after doing the necessary, upgrading to win8 took 2 times before i successfully installed. For my instance, i can play the music etc...syncing no problem.


    But i am just unable to add any files to itunes. Be it music or ebooks i downloaded. Nothing at all. Repaired iTunes and even using the compability assistence to change it to be compatible with win7 didnt help...



  • John Fenton Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting. I still haven't had any problems with iTunes 10.7 under Windows 8 Pro, including adding music files purchased from a 3rd party source (Amazon) and buying an album through iTunes. iTunes successfully matched the Amazon-purchased MP3's, and I was able download the iTunes AAC's to replace them. The only thing not typical about my set-up that I can think of is that I have iTunes installed on my B: drive--both the program files and the iTunes Media folder--not on my C: drive (an SSD). My library sounds about the same size as yours (~4,000 songs).


    (My only Windows 8 problem has been with DVD playback and the Windows 8 Store Netflix and Hulu apps. It looks like the new AMD graphics card drivers don't seem to be passing HDCP tests under Windows 8. There are simple work-arounds--watching Netflix or Hulu in a web browser--so at this point, I'm just waiting.)


    Good luck with your iTunes issues.



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