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Using an iPhone 4s and Bluetooth; if a connection to a Bluetooth device is not allowed to complete, the iPhone does not play the next song in the playlist but backspaces and replays songs already heard. Most likely to occur in the car when I forget to close a window and have to start the car to close the window but then shut the car off again before the music starts playing. First noticed after upgrading to IOS6. Also noticed this when my bluetooth headset didn't start and I powered it off again to reset the connection.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, playlist
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    I've got a similar problem. Iphone 4S with ios6.01.

    My phone connects to the car with bluetooth for phone calls only, my connection to the stereo is via a headphone jack. Every time I use the iphone to listen to music it jumps back to songs I heard the last time i listened to it.

    This has only happened since IOS6 upgrade and i was hoping that 6.0.1 would fix it.


    I still have to do somemore trial and error but I think it starts again at the song that is in the middle of my playlist; in my current playlists case its song 27 out of 53 total songs.


    Unlike your issue, my phone connects sucessfully to bluetooth everytime though.

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    I have the same exact situation. Everytime I get into my car it starts out playing the first 10 or so songs i listened to when i was last in my car. I cant begin to tell you how annoying it is! I also thought the new update would correct this but hopefully they are working on it. If you hear anything let me know!!!

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    I have this same issue too. Very annoying and still can't figure out why it's doing it and the most recent update did not fix the issue.

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    I have not noticed this problem recurring since upgrading to IOS 6.1.1. It has been over a week with various activities that were causing the backspace in the past.

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    I have also noticed this problem with my iPhone 4 since updating to 6.1.1 and then 6.1.2. I skipped the earlier 6.x.y.