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I have a new iPhone 5 that I want to fill with some music from my itunes library.


1. Under summary I have checked the option to manage my music manually

2. Under music I have deselected 'synchronize music'

3. I have applied these settings


Now, when I drag songs from my itunes library to my iPhone I see a green + symbol when I hover over the name of my iphone.
However nothing is copied onto my iphone, all the songs are greyed out on my iphone. When I disconnect the music app on my iphone says there are no songs.


Am I missing something?


My macbook is authorized, I have restarted both my macbook and my iphone, I have reinstalled ios6, I have the latest version of itunes.
I have tried syncing the music onto my iphone (which I absolutely hate doing) and that gave the same result, greyed out songs on my iphone.


I'm totally lost, so please help me.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Note: all of the songs in my library are ripped as mp3 from my cd's, so they are DRM free.


    I also tried to buy a song from the itunes app on my iphone 5, but when the download is nearly complete it says that it cannot be downloaded at the moment. (I have retried it several times, same result)


    It seems that I cannot get any music files onto my iphone somehow.

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    I found the solution. iCloud was the problem.


    While configuring my new iPhone 5 I (of course) turned on iCloud to sync my contacts and other data.
    However, this caused itunes to stop working with my new phone. So I restored everything to factory settings and when I was asked to use iCloud I didn't select it but instead chose the option that this is a new device.


    Now I was able to get music on my iphone manually or by syncing again.
    Then I configured iCloud again to get my contacts back on my phone and everything works like a charm now.

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    This really worked for me as well . Great solution .



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    If you're iphone 5 is running iOS 5.0 or iOs 6.0 then look no further and try iCloud else   utilities like iPhone Music transfer. I've heard a lot about Copytrans too.