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I have a new iPhone 5 that I want to fill with some music from my itunes library.


1. Under summary I have checked the option to manage my music manually

2. Under music I have deselected 'synchronize music'

3. I have applied these settings


Now, when I drag songs from my itunes library to my iPhone I see a green + symbol when I hover over the name of my iphone.
However nothing is copied onto my iphone, all the songs are greyed out on my iphone. When I disconnect the music app on my iphone says there are no songs.


Am I missing something?


My macbook is authorized, I have restarted both my macbook and my iphone, I have reinstalled ios6, I have the latest version of itunes.
I have tried syncing the music onto my iphone (which I absolutely hate doing) and that gave the same result, greyed out songs on my iphone.


I'm totally lost, so please help me.

iPhone 5, iOS 6