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  • pepinto Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem in the video ir seems a EMC problem.

    If it does not happen with any other device connected to your electrical supply, that seems a hardware issue and I suggest to exchange the unit.

  • bpop Level 1 (0 points)

    Indeed an EMC issue here. Try to change the video dsplay cable, could be a shielding problem or try a shorter cable. for that matter. Another trick is to stretch the video cable in a vertical position towards the floor and back up.


    Anyway the Mac Mini seems sensitive for this kind of electircal pulse. I had a Mac Mini with the blinking out problem, but I never could releate it to EMC (the unit is now back with its makers).

  • GetafeMagic Level 1 (0 points)

    I am a little concerned about this Mac Mini still, is it worth getting one (buying a second one)? Because some people seem to still be getting some problems. I just want a Mac Mini that works. I am just in two minds at the moment on whether to buy one or not. I mean my computer at the moment (Mac Mini Early 2009) is starting to show a few signs it's on its last legs and it's hella slow, I don't wanna be without a computer. What personally do y'all think?

  • x704 Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems the update has resolved the problem for the majority of stations (notice the sharp decrese in posting after the update).  WIth that in mind and that Apple (in the states at least) has a 2 week no hassle return policy I'd say buy one, ensure it has the update installed and watch a few movies on it to ensure there's no video problems on it before you sink a few days of setup into it.  If it's bad, send it back for a refund.

  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    Four days ago I reported glitching on both my displays. Since then, two more sub-second glitches on the HDMI->DVI port within a couple of hours. Nothing in the last four days even running with max CPU and memory for 2.5 hours transcoding a video while doing other things. This mini is just toying with me.


    Recontacted the senior Apple tech who said he was going to do some research and get back to me Monday but I suggested he wait until the glitch happened again and I could dump what apps I was running and the console logs.


    So that's where it stands. Waiting to see if the display ports have infrequent, but chronic problems. Meanwhile I will not repurpose my 2008 MacBook until I'm sure the mini has a permanent home.


    GetafeMagic asked, "I am a little concerned about this Mac Mini still, is it worth getting one (buying a second one)? Because some people seem to still be getting some problems."


    As you can see, the traffic on this thread has dropped off dramatically after the firmware fix came out so I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of mini owners are now satisfied with its performance. I'm not sure I'd go so far as to recommend the mini, but with Apple's return policy you have two weeks to give it a try. Even the problems I'm seeing cropped up in under a week each time.

  • Philip Tyler Level 4 (2,255 points)

    @ GetafeMagic


    My first MacMini exhibited the grey noise and then the random blackouts. It was 'captured' by Apple and I was then sent a replacement. Which arrived about the same time the EFI 1.7 update did. So I applied the update and have had no further problems. I think the update pretty well cured it for everyone, these discussions were growing by a page a day at the height of the problem now there is just the odd post. Some people still have some problems but these may well turn out to be third party issues.


    I would say you were pretty safe to get a new MacMini now and start getting some speed back into your life


    I got the upgraded CPU and went for the 'Fusion' drive and have to say I am impressed. I also upgraded the RAM to 16GB, but I went for the Crucial RAM upgrade much, much cheaper.


    Hope that helps?



  • GetafeMagic Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Philip Tyler & x704


    Thank you both for your replies, I shall order another one and take your advice and hope for the best. Hopefully ill come across no problems!


    Hopefully if I order today this 1.7 firmware update will already be installed right?


    Thanks again :)

  • Jeff Robertson Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm still not totally confident the problem has been solved. While it is true that the posts have died down considerably, I still see too many complaints for me to be comfortable with a re-buy. And that only covers the HDMI blanking problem. The washed-out colors problem was even more of deal-breaker for me and there aren't a lot of reports to confirm anything has been fixed here. Perhaps update 10.8.3 will do the job but that has not been officially released.


    @ GetafeMagic -- if you do end up getting a new mini, what are your plans for your 2009 mini? Let me know if you intend to sell it.  

  • mark.augustin Level 1 (0 points)

    I just got one of the minimally config'd ones from Amazon last week for 588$.  It must have been in inventory a while because it had the old software on it.  After I made sure it seemed to work I applied all the the upgrades and used it for about 12 hours straight at work with no problems.


    Then I tore it all down and added a Samsung 840 Pro SSD  and 16gb of Kingston HyperX CAS 9 memory and reinstalled OSX on the SSD. Another day of use went by with no issues.  So I took it apart again and replaced that pitiful little 500gb 5400rpm hd with a Seagate 750gb Momentus XT hybrid 7200rpm drive that I got on a sale for less than 100$.


    I can't stand using a computer I haven't taken apart and reasemmmbled a few times just to see what's inside.  After that experience I now understand why those poor Chinese folks are jumping off the roof at the Foxconn factory; talk about teeny tiny little parts!


    I've now had another 5 solid days of nonstop use. Not any issues all unless it waits for me to go pee before it blinks.


    I am using a pair of LCD 24" monitors using DVI.  It's a little screamer especially for the cost. I was going to put together a Hackintosh but I figured I got at least the same or more machine for less money going this route with fewer long term upgrade issues.


    Now my Win 7 machine is sitting in the corner looking all lonely and ignored. I think I am going to reincarnate it into a VM host fort testing.


    Go for it & may the force be with you.



  • GetafeMagic Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your honest answer, I had just bought one about 30 seconds before you sent that haha

    I never experienced the washed out colors problem on the Mac Mini I returned as far as I know, but is there an example of the this problem you can show me, cause I will admit I'm not entirely sure what it is.

    As for my current Mac Mini, sorry but I do still have a use for it I'm afraid.


    I shall just have a movie day and constantly watch movies all day, and make sure someone is always around to watch something on it. If I get Inoproblems ill keep it, otherwise ill return it within the 14 day return policy. Ill let y'all know what happens (if I remember haha).




    Thanks for your opinion, you have raised my confidence that little bit that I have made the right decision.


    Thanks again.

  • andiruleu Level 1 (0 points)

    Not sure if this has been answered, I was looking into getting a mac mini but came across this thread. However, a recent article came out that Intel is at fault with their graphics card:



    But what they have not mentioned is that I believe this is happening to all of their graphics card. I recently had a rMBP and an external monitor using HDMI plug and it too goes black at times, but I did return the rMBP because of other issues such as Burn-In Issues.


    Hopefully they'll correct this soon for you guys.

  • slothinker Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a 2012 Mac Mini w/ Fusion drive with the most recent operating system upgrade.


    My monitor configuration is an Apple 27" monitor + in vertical mode a HP w2207. The monitor setups are identical to what I used successfully with an early 2009 Mac Mini which I replaced w/ the current unit. I am using Apple's Display Port to DVI adaptor to the DVI port on the HP.


    From reading others woes I'm at least conforted w/ the knowledge that things could be a lot worse. My only problem is that if I put the system to Sleep (or it just goes into Sleep mode), the route back to awake is long and circuitous.


    For example, if the system has gone to sleep after, say, 30 minutes, if I just push a key on my Apple keyboard first one monitor then the other will show signs of life. Sometimes there is a pulsing to the display, other times a solid blue or gray. Then, if things are going well after between 15-20 seconds both monitors spring to life and I am in business. (The notion of 'immediate responsiveness' being significantly redefined.)


    If things aren't going well, I usually can bring the system to life by pressing various random keys or key combinations, tapping on the mouse, using the Option key in conjunction with Caps Lock or Esc. For the life of me, I have not found a combination which reliably works.


    So my current solution is as follows:


    1) Nothing goes to sleep during the day unless there has been no activity on the computer for three hours (so much for energy conservation).


    2) Turn the Mac Mini off at night and reboot in the morning.


    This approach seems to be the most effective, least aggrevating one to me. How the Mac Mini feels about it, I'm not sure.




    P.S.: I should add that the PRAM has been goosed, to no apparent good effect.


    P.P.S.: I also have available a HP w2207h meaning that instead of a DVI port the monitor sports an HDMI port. This is their latest version of this monitor and I tried to use it (this was Plan A) with the adaptor provided by Apple with the new Mac Mini. I never was able to get this set up to work at all. Go figure.


    P.P.P.S.: I'm surprised by these problems as it would seem that there must be hundreds of Apple employees with Mac Minis and at least some dozens of them must have two monitors hung off the machines. Also a testing lab could easily hang 2nd monitors off these units as a way to easily verify that a very common configuration works.


    P.P.P.P.S.: How long should 'awake from sleep' ideally take on a Mac Mini w/ a fusion drive and two monitors? I would say 1.5 seconds would be ideal.

  • mark.augustin Level 1 (0 points)

    For what it's worth most of the recommendations I've read for SSD based systems say to disable sleep altogether. I've done that and just use the screensavers and click off the power on the monitors when I go home and leave it at that.

  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    slothinker wrote:


    P.P.P.P.S.: How long should 'awake from sleep' ideally take on a Mac Mini w/ a fusion drive and two monitors? I would say 1.5 seconds would be ideal.

    My 2.6 i7 Fusion with two monitors wakes in under 5 seconds. The only annoying thing is that any server volumes mounted at sleep have been unmounted. PITA.

  • slothinker Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the 2.3 i7 Fusion Mac Mini ... thanks for the info! I'll look into the server issue.

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