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    Fellow Apple Collective, I have just come from a mac mini 2011 that was always connected to my Espon projector through the HDMI port which I cant praise Highly Enough! I now have the latest 2.3 GHz Intel Quad Core i7 model installed with exactly the same setup with ALL latest updates including the 1.7 HDMI firmware flicker fix and I can confirm to the Collective that there is still a significant issue!!  It is so obvious and I'm so gutted!!  The text looks so poor and colours are so washed out. My screen looks dead, no longer alive with vibrant colours.  It's predecessor has such a crystal clear clarity.  I would say it's like chalk and cheese,  It's such a significant issue to return the Mac Mini.  Yes, Its super fast Quad core i7 but the video is super poor.  I will try the DVI adaptor with a DVI cable tomorrow and see if the picture quality improves but my projector only has VGA  meaning I will require another adapter!!! 


    Does Apple still believe they have fixed all the faults with this latest 1.7 firmware update?  


    Apple, find a Epson Projector TW3200 and then connect to a 2011 model followed by the latest 2012 model and tell me I'm wrong!

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    I just bought another Mac Mini as all the other one had was the blinking, nothing else (I was using the DIV connector thingy). Didn't see any other problems as far as I knew. But now I do admit I am getting a little bit worried again, as people are still have other problems. How can a computer have so many problems? That graphics card just doesn't seem very good at all.


    I hope my new one will be ok. Fingers crossed!

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    I think this issue applies to ALL Intel HD 4000 Graphics that Apple uses on their computers. It happened to my rMBP too. I don't have a Mac Mini, but I so happened to come across this issue through articles. I never thought that when I had blinking issues, it was my rMBP's problem, until reading articles about Intel working on trying to fix this issues.


    But I did return my rMBP because of other issues (Burn-In with LG display)

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    We just purchase 4 mac minis to use in a network and installed server on one of them.  We are setting them up today, January, 12, 2013.  Each of three minis use a different HDMI display and one uses a HDMI to DVI display.  All four are completely up to date, with all software updates (two are i5s and 2 are i7s)

    ALL FOUR ARE EXPERIENCING THE BLINKING OUT PROBLEM !  I am very disappointed as this was to be a test to convert our office to apple products from pc and I have heard such great things about apple desktops.  I am even more upset as we have purchased \and installed office on t]all the workstations and it looks like we are going to have to return all of them along with all the keyboards, magic pads, etc.


    Before I pack up everything and take it to the apple store, does anyone have any suggestions?


    Thanks so much.



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    Wow!  there really is no problem.


    just off the phone with applecare who told me the flickering probably goes away after the mini is on for 30 minutes  So please tell yourself you just have to suffer if you need your computer within 30 minutes of powering it up.  This is a great new feature to slow us down in a hectic world!

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    That is a concern, when you buy a computer (more so at these high prices) you should expect a totally working machine. Apparently the 1.7 Firmware has totally fixed the flickering problem, and it seems to have for most people (due to this forum post has died down a lot). Are you sure they didn't mean flicking for 30 minutes only on the first boot up? Cause that would be acceptable for me. But I do understand your frustration totally. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 doesn't seem to be a very good graphics card, I hope your Minis sort themselves out!

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    I think this is something wrong: as far as I know, if you are experiencing a flickering problem every few seconds, it will keep flicker also over 30 minutes.


    We are all waiting the official Mac OSX Montain Lion 10.8.3 release since it should fix all these flickering issue (I've read somewhere people trying latest beta confirm this).


    What I'm wondering is why Apple, that know this issue very well, wants to wait this release and don't post a OSX fix before the 10.8.3 release. It seems there are a lot of people with unusable minis. That is something sound curious.


    I use the mini connected to my HT to watch videos, iTunes films, Youtube, Plex etc., so nothing really urgent and I'm temporary place my mini in its package waiting for the fix. I'm using an Apple TV instead with all its limitations but happy in the meantime. For who owns Sybology NAS products, if I'm not wrong, I've read there is a 4.2 DSM beta that allow to stream Plex directly into Apple TV in AirPlay. This sound fantastic, waiting for the official release to test it. Happy new year.

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    Make sure its set to 60 hz? 

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    I now have a DVI  (mac mini) / HDMI  cable that I plugged directly into my projector/screen  which significantly improves the picture.  The text is still not sharp & somewhat fuzzy and the colours still don't look right in comparison to the 2011 model.   If you didn't know any better you would accept this. 


    I will try to get my hands on a thunderbolt HDMI adapter and hopefully this might improve my concerns.

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    thanks to all.  It is listed as 60 Hertz, NTSC.  Hope apple will take these back as just checked and cleaners took the boxes so we have no original packaging.

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    Did you check whether the units actually have the latest firmware installed?

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    Using the HDMI or HDMI to DVI is not acceptable for my projector as colours are so washed out and text is so grayed out for 1080p (Very Big Screen!!).  HDMI to DV-I for a 19 inch screen (Very Small!) or 1280 x 1024 looks fine.


    I'm hoping the Thunderbolt to DVI-D adapter will look crystal clear for my projector running at 1080p??? Anyone else has got this setup? 

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    Received my new Mac Mini today, and I've tried it on our 55 and 64 inch TV (which is HDMI to HDMI) and the App Store background and the loading Apple screen at start up looked more grainy than I remember on my old Mac Mini 2009. Maybe it's cause the screens are huge, I don't know. I tried it on my small 19 (DIV to HDMI) monitor, and it looks a little better but still a little grainy. Is that normal? Has anyone else noticed this problem if its a problem?


    Also I noticed on the HDMI to HDMI that just behind/next to an open Window the color is different if that makes sense, as if there is a glow around the open window, surely that's not normal either?


    I have been on the computer more or less all day since 12:30pm GMT, and now watching Conspiracy XIII (Worth watching!) on my 19 inch monitor, and yet to have a single flicker! So that's a start at least.


    I heard 10.8.3 will be released soon and it will have some good drivers to fix flushing. If my problems are problems will they fix the problems I am having above in that update?


    Thanks again.

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    I think the word "flushing" maybe wrong. I might mean "washed out". But the simple answer is there is a glow behind the windows.

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    All windows cast a drop shadow.  The OS has done this for years.

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