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    When I told the Apple Genius that they're falsly advertising the mini as having working HDMI and Display Port output, he suddenly offered to exchange it for a new mini. Which is nice, because it in theory a new mini works, but I still don't want to open the mini up because he said three times, this is a known issue and Apple does not officially allow a hardware exchange when it happens, and it is most likely going to happen again. So if/when it happens again, I'm left with a non-working computer, unless I'm willing to spend another $1,000 to upgrade to a Thunderbolt display. That sounds like classic bait and switch, which is illegal. I'm waiting to talk to Apple and see if they will resolve this problem. This is my business computer, I'm just not willing to go back and use the 2012 mini knowing that it's going to freeze up and become unusable on me again.


    Apple has severely damaged their reputation to me personally for this and I've been one of the biggest Apple supporters around. I've converted almost all of my friends and closest family to become Mac users over the years. I'm not interested in giving Apple any more of my business after this. I don't know what I'll do when I need another computer/phone/tablet but I'll cross that bridge later. I just know that it's unlikely to be an Apple product, and I can't in good conscience recommend an Apple product to anyone.

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    Interesting that I started a new thread on this and it was deleted.


    Regardless, I have posted photos of the problem here:


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    I expect to receive my new Mini at the end of next week, and I'm crossing my fingers I don't experience any of these video issues.


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    Guys if you have these problems I highly suggest you use the Thunderbolt DV-I adapter and avoid HDMI COMPLETLY.


    All new monitors have DV-I 

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    I have helped over 300 clients switch to Macs in the past, never again. Apple should be ashamed of treating customers this way. I am emberassed that all I can tell my customers who have this machine is that "nothing can be done". Apple should be emberassed too. I will never recommened an Apple computer to any of my clients ever again.

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    That doesn't solve the problem. Any adapter in Thunderbolt still has failure issues, according to first hand experience from me and from Apple's Genuis Bar and Apple's internal bulletin. The only output that Apple says works for sure with no problems is Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt (no adapters).

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    I have a 2012 Mac Mini Fusion that works perfectly. I have it connected to a new Asus VE228H 21.5-Inch monitor with a Thunderbolt to DVI adapter.

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    hemingways wrote:


    That doesn't solve the problem. Any adapter in Thunderbolt still has failure issues, according to first hand experience from me and from Apple's Genuis Bar and Apple's internal bulletin. The only output that Apple says works for sure with no problems is Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt (no adapters).

    Well that is not true in my case as I can run an Eizo or Formac monitor from the TB port using the DVI adapter with no issues what so ever. Both monitors also work perfectly using the HDMI port and a DVI adapter.


    I can also happily profile the monitors with either port as well.


    Sorry I don't quite understand that general statement concerning the TB port only working with TB connected monitors.


    If it were the case I would have thought there would have been more posts here concerning this. Plenty of people posted regarding the 'blackout' problem. So I don't see people sat at home with a MacMini using the TB port with adapter suffering problems without a few more posting here?

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    Hemingways, from my first hand experience, HDMI is poor especially with 27 inch monitors and projectors through any hdmi method including thunder bolt to hdmi,  my smaller 19inch screen looks fine using hdmi to dvi.


    My solution which also works for robertfromyuma is to use a Thunderbolt DVI which works perfectly with  my Epson TW 3200 projector.  I also have my smaller 19inch screen running perfectly from the supplied hdmi adapter. 


    It's been hassle figuring this out and i was tempted to return my mac mini to apple but Thunderbolt solution works for me.  Please note that I have all the latest updates and firmware installed.   Try our solution again on your new mac mini if you can. 

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    Still blinking every 15 seconds with me, regardless whether I connect direct to my tv or via my Yamaha a/v receiver. I had direct email contact with a senior AppleCare consultant, but he hasn't replied to any email - and when I call I'm told no progress by the normal AppleCare 1st line. I've had an unusable Mac mini since November and they tell me I can't get my money back anymore


    What has happened to apple?

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    Yeah, more than 3 months after the release of the "late 2012 Mac Mini" and if you go back somewhere in the first 20 pages, you'll find that ALL of these fixes were discussed back then. I've got a post somewhere about the TB to DVI fix along with a link at where to buy it.


    The real issue is simply this:  it should work.  It should just work, period.


    The fact that 3 months + down the road these problems are still being discussed is ridiculous.


    Yeah, "class action law suits, Consumerist, State AG's;" really terrible to consider that the Mac loyalsists who buy Minis even have to think like that. But I don't blame them a bit.


    My next Mini purchase is on-hold. My faith is totally diminished with this debacle. Search "Intel HD 4000 problems" and question WHY Apple used this piece of hardware...........


    My desktop purchase doesn't appear important to a company busy with iPhones and iPad variations. Sad......

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    maybe apple should let us have the 27 inch thunderbolt screen for a few hundred as a kind gesture that would be cool

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    I see that apple has gone to market with a product that does not perform as advertised. Somebody knows, if it is an intel problem, that can not be fixed, with a software update, or the anticapated 10.8.3 updated will fix it. Their not offical saying.  My feeling is the 10.8.3 will not fix the hdmi problem because, there would have been more leaks from apple, that yes, the 10.8.3 is it.


    It looks like apple is going to play hardball with the folks who paid for a product that does not perform as advertised, and will not refund the money. This is a big time blunder on apples's part.


    I bought the late 2012 mac mini and I am having the washed out colors and blurry text problems. I will hope that the 10.8.3 updated fixes the problem.


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    TB to DVI isn't a workaround for some of us.  I'm using the Mac Mini in my living room as a HTPC (runs XBMC, etc) and I use its HDMI output to send video and audio to my AV receiver for 5.1 sound.  DVI does not send audio, does not support HDCP (which means I can't play protected movies etc) and my AV receiver doesn't have DVI inputs.  I want to/must use the HDMI output.


    As I explained in a previous post, using an EDID device inline (in my case "Dr HDMI") fixes the disappearing picture problem I had (I know someone else solved it with a Gefen Detective, which is also an EDID device).  I suspect there's more than one problem, but there's certainly something wrong with the Mini's HDMI EDID handling.  Dunno if that's fixable in software... when 10.8.3 comes out, if it doesn't fix it then I will be returning my Mini and wait until they fix it in a new one.

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