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  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    Ah, good ol' Time Machine. A computer's backup software should be second in reliabiliity to the OS itself, yet TM has a plethora of problems. When TM fails it usually does so silently so you must keep an eye on that tiny icon in the menu bar to see if TM has failed again. That's as much as I'll say about that because it's not the subject of this thread.


    Given the number of problems your mini has I'm starting to wonder if you have a lemon, although that could be hard to distinguish from a "good" mini.

  • sincerus Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you ever thought to consider you got a bad unit?


    I'm very happy with my Mac Mini.  If you don't like it then please take it back or get them to fix it.  Apple is one of the easiest to deal with after the purchase.


    I don't plan on giving them back mine.  =)



  • slothinker Level 1 (0 points)

    I too am very happy with my Mac Mini ... I did have 2nd display issues -- not as bad as some, apparently -- but over time I've managed to work them out.


    The machine itself is an incredible piece of engineering IMO. I can open up seemingly endless numbers of RAM hungry applications and switch between them instantaneously.


    Luckily I've not had to resort to a restoration via Timemachine but it looks like it is working like it is supposed to.


    Hopefully the next version of the OS will resolve in some definitive way monitor issues, clearly the Mac Mini's weak point. But even as it is, I consider this computer a great bargain.

  • Philip Tyler Level 4 (2,255 points)

    Likewise my MacMini is excellent, yes my first MM suffered the grey noise problem and screen black outs on the HDMI feed only.

    Mine was one that was 'captured' by Apple and I was then sent a replacement which has not given me any problems once I aplied the various updates.


    One thing I would say, the first MM did seem a bit strange and I could hear lots of disk activity. Checking 'Console' I found lots of "MDN Responder" messages, I think that was it. Anyway someone, on these forums, suggested I start up in 'Safe Mode" so in for a penny in for a pound as they say, so I started up in Safe Mode.


    Holding down the "Shift" key I booted the MM and just let it do its thing and logged in when prompted and left it until all activity stoped, which was not long. I then rebooted normally and all that disk activity and MDN Responder messages were gone?!


    I have no idea how or why it worked, other than starting in Safe Mode forces some rewrites of certain files someone said? But whatever it did it worked, my second unit did not exhibit this disk activity or MDN Responder messages?


    But as part of my regular "housekeeping" I start both my MBP and MM up in safe mode. Now it may be nothing more than "Snake Oil" but it keeps me happy

  • holsapple Level 1 (0 points)

    Same goes for me, I am perfectly happy with my Mini. Previous poster with all the problems obviously should turn to support and the seller, rather than addressing those issues here. They are simply individual.

  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    holsapple wrote:


    Same goes for me, I am perfectly happy with my Mini. Previous poster with all the problems obviously should turn to support and the seller, rather than addressing those issues here. They are simply individual.


    It's great for you that you are happy with your mini. Saying these problems are "simply individual" does not match the facts. This is a 79-page thread(!) and is not the only one about this problem on the support forum. Let's not forget that many months after this problem was identified a new buyer has display problems. It's a chronic problem with the mini.


    I suspect the reason the thread activity has dropped off is because many, like myself, have accepted the fact that nothing is going to change so there's no point in posting regularly. I only respond to new victims now.


    And I have addressed the issues with senior Apple tech support. All they do is tell you to do the usual calisthenics and voodoo to see if it will clear the problem. It didn't, it just reduced it. Even after all patches, the problem persists.


    The mistake I made, once, is to give Apple time to fix it so that it is now past the return period. It is not a mistake I will make again. My advice to any new buyer who stumbles across this thread with a video problem is to return the mini immediately.

  • sincerus Level 1 (0 points)

    There were a LOT of issues around the Thunderbolt interface especially with it being brand new.


    I saw issues were it impacted the Mac Book AIR for example.


    Apple issued firmware updates for the legacy Apple LED Display monitors.  This resolved some issues.


    There were also some HDMI issues.


    There were also drivers updates added around the embedded Intel video that bit folks when they added system RAM above a certain value.


    You should contact someone or call your AppleCare support numbers and escalate your issue before you hit the end of your one year warranty.


    For the record Apple isn't the only vendor resolving things around ThunderBolt.  Drobo still hasn't made their ThunderBolt RAID systems bootable yet.  ;-)


    Processor  2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory  16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

    Boot ROM Version:          MM61.0106.B03

    SMC Version (system):          2.8f0

  • x704 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is not a thunderbolt issue.  Many people are having the same experience connecting via the HDMI port as well.  I've had 2 2013 mini's and both exhibited this issue.  I kept the second one as it works with my Dell montior okay but exhibits the snow/blink when connected to my TV.


    Seriously, this really is deporable that Apple has not address this issue that effects a significant percentage of users.  You can talk about seeing your apple support person all you want... many have to no avail.


    Aside from this issue, the Mac Mini has worked awsome for me.  Runs CS suite and FCPX like a champ with i7/16BG/SSD... if only it worked properly when connected to common displays it would be perfect.  Apple's silence on this issue is by far the most troubling aspect but a good lesson for all of us.  Obviusly they don't consider the Mini worth dealing with on thier end if it has troubling issues (probably a cost to benefit thing...).

  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    The glitches I've seen occur on both the HDMI and TB ports, often at the same time.


    I've got until January before my warranty is up. My last faint hope is that Mavericks will provide a fix but I'm sure it's only wishful thinking.


    The insidious part of this problem is that it is interrmittent, occuring several times a day, but no tech is going to sit in front of the screen for 12 hours waiting for a display glitch. For example, I find that when the display has a lot of activity with scrolling one window while another is refreshing, the problem is more likely to manifest itself. The tech is not going to play with apps for his entire shift.


    This problem requires special hardware diagnostic tools, which is probably why Apple was capturing some returned units. However, Apple has not managed to provide a fix but their patch has improved the situation.


    All I can expect from returning this unit to Apple for repair is that they will swap it out for a refurb, at best, likely with the same problem.


    Other than that, the mini is a very nice computer.

  • Michael Aos Level 1 (80 points)

    Tom Sheppard wrote:


    I find that when the display has a lot of activity with scrolling one window while another is refreshing, the problem is more likely to manifest itself.


    When I was having a similar problem, I could consistently reproduce it by playing a Flash video in full-screen on the 2560 x 1440 display.


  • Rick Jansen1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My mac mini mid 2011 with the 3000 graphics chipset, has this problem too, since I upgraded from an ancient cinema display (1600x1040) to a DELL U2713HM 2560x1440 pixels. The old display blinked very rarely too, which I thought to be dips in the grid. The new display blacks out every hour for a second. And when the machine is heavily loaded (xcode indexing 500 files): about every minute.


    I connected the display via a mini-displayport to displayport cable (the DELL has a displayport port too), but I don't think that is relevant. I don't have that ridiculously overpriced dual-link DVI converter.


    Filed a bug at Apple, submitted some system reports when the prob occurred. I hope they will release a firmware fix, or I'll take the mini back to the shop.

  • Flying Pelican Level 1 (15 points)

    I finally applied the Thunderbolt firmware update - and I just had the black screen glitch again using my Kanex minidisplayport to DVI adaptor with an older (silver 20") Apple Cinema Display.  I am on the latest OS - 10.8.5  with a 2012 2.3 gHz quad i7 mini


    Switched over to using the HDMI port with an official Apple HDMI to DVI, will see how that goes.

  • Sjengie Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got a new late 2012 MM model and noticed the video flickering on my HDMi TV. It happens every minute or so, the screen turns bit darker or lighter and i notice a flash of purple colour. I did not have this with my previous 2011 model. I installed Maverick GM seed official version and all updates but no improvement. Very sad. I am going to have to use my Apple TV because it is annoying. Cant return because i live in remote africa, will hv to wait a few months.

  • Tom Sheppard Level 1 (20 points)

    Mavericks was my last faint hope that Apple would do the right thing and fix this. Apparently not. Since the beginning they have never admitted to a problem and continue to sell a defective computer. The next time I'm in the market for an upgrade I will be waiting several months to see what problems early adopters have.

  • Sjengie Level 1 (0 points)

    Update: seems to be software glitch. I switched off subtitles and the problem seems to be gone.