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    Same here. Mac mini 2012 i5 2,5 4GB on 10.8.1. Both used a thunderbolt to dvi adapter and the standard hdmi to dvi adapter. The problem occurs with both adapters. It seems to happen more often when graphic heavy programs are running. Once it took quite some time, a minute or so, to get it back to work.

    Also the hdmi to hdmi connection is terrible with my Samsung LD220HD, but that seems to be a issue of the monitor/tv.

  • MyMac8MyPC Level 4 Level 4
    Mac OS X

    10.8.3 was seeded today. One area of focus was graphics drivers.

  • cmxu Level 1 Level 1

    Hope this will fix this terrible issue.

  • dlhanse Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here. New mac Mini i7 model into a Dell S2340M Monitor. I get the "black outs" at least once a session, and it cuts to static at least once a day. Have to turn monitor off to recover when it cuts to static. Never had so many issues with the Apple brand before. Why are they realsing the Mini's with this problem? Why did they release the IOS 6 maps app with so many issues, too? I miss Steve!!!

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    I am in the same situation and am very upset. It seems there was a solution, but it has been removed. This is the second time my harddrive on the macbook pro has crashed completely. They refused to allow me to keep the harddrive. I had a time machine the first time, but it was defective, so I had nothing saved. It took Apple 1 hr. to recalibrate the time machine. The harddrive crashed again in less than a year, and I cannot use the time machine, and I also know very well that I have the correct password. I have Lion OS. I made a huge investment in Apple to move from a PC, and am so disappointed. I just returned from the US with 2 weeks worth of hard work, and that is permanently gone. Their only statement was that I should carry a spare harddrive with me on my trip. Is apple so unreliable or is the macbook pro a lemon? What about my time machine, how can I access it. I am losing so much time!!! and I don't have it, and so much work.

  • BobH47 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh dear, you poor person, how frustrating.


    However, is your post on the correct thread? This thread refers to the Mac Mini and problems with the interface with the display. You appear to be talking about the Macbook Pro.


    If I have misunderstood, forgive me. I hope you get your problem corrected soon.

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    Hi Holly, very sad to hear.


    But to try to get help with your Time Machine problem. I'd advise starting a new question to get the most helpers in on it...


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    So any official reponse from Apple regarding this issue? I have this exact same problem and since I'm working on a deadline, I can not return my mac mini for the next couple of weeks.

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    I had the same experience. Bought a new mac mini in early November, after several failed attempts to troubleshoot with apple care thay made an appointment with me at the Genius Bar. I wound up leaving the computer there and eventually they duplicated the issue and replaced the computer. Unfortunately the replacement has the exact same issue. I just spoke to a Senior Advisor, Steven, at Apple Care. He said thet Apple would not admit their was a  problem and could not offer a solution for me. He said that they had not recieved enough compaints to admit their was an issue. His # is ------ in case anyone wants to make clear to Apple that there is an issue. In the meantime it looks like i only have 3 days left to return the computer to Best Buy for a refund, since Apple does not want to admit  there is a problem,it looks like i may have no choice. I had been loyal to Apple since the mid 80's with my first SE30. This experience in trying to upgrade to a newer mac mini has been a nightmare and i fear apple is starting to decline.


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    I called Steven and it went directly to voice mail. Left my name, issue and number. I actually hope he is overwhelmed with mac mini hdmi problem related calls and coudn't take my call because of that.


    I'm 99% sure the AppleCare gentleman from Sweden i called earlier did not register my call to "the system" and I'm sure many have gone similarily "sorry can't help". How many complaints make them recognize the problem?


    Please people make Apple aware of the magnitude of this problem.


    I just feel little bit bad for poor Steven.


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    I have left a message as well.


    He sounds a nice chap, let's hope it helps. I gave him my UK AppleCare reference...

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    dlhanse wrote:

    Why did they release the IOS 6 maps app with so many issues, too? I miss Steve!!!

    Everyone misses Steve, but the Maps app is not up to par for a totally separate reason. Before anyone reads what it written below please know that it has nothing to do with the 'mini HDMI' issue, and is in response purely to address dlhanses concerns over the Mapping app. If you're not curious about why the Maps app is as it is, then please simply just slip this post. Thank you.


    OK, I too was disapointed by the Maps app but to be fair it wasn't all of Apples fault. Several in-depth articles have been written about this and it appears that Google and Apple are bitter rivals. Walter Isaacson said in his authorized Steve Jobs biography, that Steve Jobs felt betrayed by his former friend (Google chairman) Eric Schmidt, who by the way, sat on the Apple board. Steve jobs felt that Android was a direct rip-off of the iPhone, and it got so bad that it actually resulted in Schmidt’s having to resign from the Apple board. In hindsight he probably should have been removed off the board sooner.


    So Apple rightly felt betrayed by google ripping them off, and more recently Apple ran into a dispute with Google over voice-guided directions. Google simply wouldn’t allow for this so Apple decided to make its own maps app. Creating a Mapping app is probably the single most complex of all mobile apps to make, because you need mountains of data for it to work seamlessly. It was also revealed that google was trying to make their maps app work better on Android phones, than on Apples iOS phones. Apple simply had to cut the ties. Paying google for an inferior maps version simply didn’t make sense. It was helping google, and hurting Apple.

    Yes the Apple Maps app is not as good as the google app, but don’t forget two key points, first, that google maps wasn’t that good when it first came out, in fact it too was very crude, and second, that these days Apple doesn’t start something unless they plan to be number one with it. I have NO DOUBT in the years to come that the Apple Maps app will not only be as good as the google maps app, but better! But this takes time. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Google has around 7000 people to work just on their maps, Apple does not. What Apple DOES have is lots of money and the ability to attract lots of polished talent, so things will turn around soon.

    A few months ago Tim Cook faced this matter head on ( 2--sector.html) and apologized for the current Maps app. I respect that, and it tells me that he will make sure that the Apple Maps app will soon be everything that you expect from a mapping app - and more. Until then I just use Navigon and there are plenty of other good apps beside google, including the new nokia Maps option. Hope that puts everything in little better perspective for you

  • calvol Level 1 Level 1

    When do 2012 Mac Mini users get their apology from TC for the flawed HDMI port and graphics?

  • Davehz Level 1 Level 1

    On this issue - Im in 100% agreement with you!


    However on the HDMI Issue - no, Apple need to communicate better with their customers - Im still getting no indication that they even recognize there is an issue


    I LOVE Apple Products, I just think they need to communicate with us better and the Geniuses in the stores.

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    I think Apple are aware there is a problem because they are 'capturing' faulty units to study. If they are going to those lengths they know they have a problem.


    I would agree that Apple do need to communicate much better with their customers.


    Lets hope the 10.8.3 seed will result in a fix, when it becomes available as an update which may not be for a while!

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