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Neil D Level 1 (30 points)

So, we just got our iPhone 5's (two), so our iCloud devices are:


iPad 2

2 iPhone 5

2 (no service) iPhone 4

MBP 13"



And I found an issue. All our contacts, calendars, and reminders are on iCloud. On my i4 and i5, I get the option in the contacts app called "Groups" (top left corner), but on all the other iDevices, I do not get this option.


So when I set My Info for Siri and Mail (in settings), I use a contact that is just on my iPhone 4 and 5 so iCloud doens't apply this contact to all the devices. However, I do not see the "Groups" option on the other iDevices. How do I get that option? Because when my mom set her contact as "My Info" on her iPhone 5, the iPad and remaining iPhone 4 gets that contact information as well, even though the iPad should have my dad's information.

iPhone 5, iOS 6