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G4MDD Level 1 (10 points)

I want to replace 1 processor in my PowerMac G5.


I've noticed that not all dual 2.0 processors have the same part number.


Processorname: Q77

Part number:  630-6611 630/T6605


I've found other Q77 processor with different part number 630-6609, 630-6610, 630-6612


Since they all user the same name: Q77 is it possible to use 1 of these partnumbers next to my 630-6611 I still have in the case now?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G5 Dual 2 GHZ
  • G4MDD Level 1 (10 points)

    I just bought a Q77 / 630-6610 630T6605


    It's the one with a copper plate at the bottom of the processor.

    This should mean this is a CPU1 and has been used much less than the CPU0 unless the G5 was used for Final Cut Pro or other dual processor programs on a daily basis.


    We'll see how it goes when I receive the processor and put it in the G5.

  • LordZedd Level 1 (70 points)

    No, Macs use all CPUs equally by spreading all processes across available cores all the time.


    You will need the Apple Serivce Disk to recalibrate your system because the CPU's serial number will be different. Without it your fans will all stay running at maximum speed.

  • G4MDD Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi, I already swapped processors and calibrated with the ASD 2.5.7.

    I will have to do thermal calibration again when I put in the new processor.

    You're right about fans blowing at full speed. Even now I disabled CPU1, fans are still blowing after I got them silent yesterday and have rebooted.

  • Jacumba Level 4 (2,340 points)

    Your not going to get anywhere trying to replace a cpu. It's the worse hardware change attempt you can make on any computer. Likely this computer will never run again as it once did or even start.

  • japamac Level 7 (24,390 points)

    Macs use all CPUs equally by spreading all processes across available cores all the time.


    Have you ever run a CPU activity monitor?

    OS X does NOT load CPUs or cores equally.

  • japamac Level 7 (24,390 points)

    There are variations within processors, but compatibility can be determined with the EEE numbers within the CPU identifier (processor serial number).

    There used to be other cross reference sources, but now likely only We Love Macs has the info:


    From the above link, choose your G5 model, then choose CPU Upgrades, then check the offered item descriptions. Within the descriptions you will find the explanation and a listing of the compatible EEE numbers for a given model.


    For example, the following info is had:

    • Apple Part Number: 661-3586
    • 603-6894
    • Product EEE Code : SLK, SLL, SY9
    • Compatibility
      Power Mac G5, Power Mac G5 (Early 2005)


  • G4MDD Level 1 (10 points)



    I have the G5 late 2004, 661-3331


    The current processor has RDY.

    The one I bought has RDX wich confirms the processor is compatible.


    I took a bit of a risk buying this without being 100% sure but there was a promotion that ended and it was cheap:

    50$, overseas shipping included from an Apple components wholesaler who accepts returns if the item is faulty.

    I'll be expecting this in about 2 weeks unless it's stuck at customs.

  • LordZedd Level 1 (70 points)

    Have you? Or are you still using OS9? Please learn how OSX works before embarrassing yourself again.

  • japamac Level 7 (24,390 points)

    I agree with Kappy's assessment of you.....

    Please learn how OSX works before embarrassing yourself again.

    You should heed your own words.

  • LordZedd Level 1 (70 points)

    Who is Kappy, no such person has replied here.


    Please learn how OSX works. Have you ever used a CPU monitor? Mine is always running in the menu bar, and it always shows even load distribution except in specific apps that do not have threadable tasks.

    Go have a look in your activity monitor and tell me how many threads you see.


    Here is mine.

    Out of 65 processes 11 of the 65 have only 1 thread and they are all less than 1% CPU useage and maximum 5.6MB ram.



    PIDProcess NameUserCPU%ThreadsReal MemoryKind
    0 kernel_taskroot1.068351.1 MBIntel
    221 Firefoxlordzedd0.426838.7 MBIntel (64 bit)
    62 fseventsdroot0.0133.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    2879 Maillordzedd0.01276.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    3030 DashboardClientlordzedd0.01014.4 MBIntel
    3029 DashboardClientlordzedd0.01071.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    172 Transmissionlordzedd0.8853.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    115 WindowServer_windowserver1.77130.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    17 configdroot0.173.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    142 Finderlordzedd0.0760.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    13 DirectoryServiceroot0.065.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    171 Temperature Monitorlordzedd1.1519.6 MBIntel
    166 WD Quick Viewlordzedd0.0514.2 MBIntel
    19 mDNSResponder_mdnsresponder0.252.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    74 SmartwareServerApproot0.052.5 MBIntel
    168 smcFanControllordzedd0.249.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    4803 Firefox Plugin Process (Shockwave Flash)lordzedd0.0417.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    99 coreservicesdroot0.0434.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    160 AirPort Base Station Agentlordzedd0.045.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    16 syslogdroot0.04784 KBIntel (64 bit)
    140 Docklordzedd0.0482.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    2936 PTPCameralordzedd0.047.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    58 KernelEventAgentroot0.031.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    56 mdsroot0.0357.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    50 usbmuxd_usbmuxd0.032.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    170 teleportdlordzedd0.0313.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    4805 mdworker_spotlight0.033.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    169 iTunes Helperlordzedd0.035.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    163 ccc_user_agentlordzedd0.035.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    3463 InternetSharingroot0.031.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    153 UserEventAgentlordzedd0.036.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    18 distnoteddaemon0.032.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    15 diskarbitrationdroot0.031.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    12 kextdroot0.033.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    75 WDDMServiceroot0.03928 KBIntel
    141 SystemUIServerlordzedd0.7311.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    4520 mdworkerlordzedd0.0319.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    134 coreaudiod_coreaudiod0.032.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    1 launchdroot0.031.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    61 hiddroot0.02988 KBIntel (64 bit)
    57 loginwindowlordzedd0.029.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    51 SystemStarterroot0.021.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    47 krb5kdcroot0.022.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    4806 Activity Monitorlordzedd3.2216.7 MBIntel (64 bit)
    290 AppleSpell.servicelordzedd0.029.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    93 360Daemonroot0.021.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    26 securitydroot0.023.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    146 fontdlordzedd0.026.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    2940 Image Capture Extensionlordzedd0.026.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    14 notifydroot0.02672 KBIntel (64 bit)
    77 ccc_helperroot0.0216.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    76 ccc_helperroot0.0215.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    136 launchdlordzedd0.021.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    71 autofsdroot0.02972 KBIntel (64 bit)
    122 cvmsServroot0.01964 KBIntel (64 bit)
    46 ntpdroot0.011.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    4807 activitymonitordroot0.611.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    3469 namedroot0.015.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    3468 bootpdroot0.011.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    3467 natdroot0.21404 KBIntel (64 bit)
    90 nmbdroot0.011.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    214 smbdroot0.01332 KBIntel (64 bit)
    149 pboardlordzedd0.01860 KBIntel (64 bit)
    212 smbdroot0.012.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    64 dynamic_pagerroot0.01780 KBIntel (64 bit)


    Please learn how OSX works before embarrassing yourself even more.

  • LordZedd Level 1 (70 points)

    japamac, SystemLoad is designed to load specific processors. It overrides OSX's distribution program.


    Please learn how OSX works before embarrassing yourself even more.

  • japamac Level 7 (24,390 points)

    memo to self:

    quit replying to trolls.....

  • LordZedd Level 1 (70 points)

    Just because you can't admit you don't actually understand how OSX works doesn't mean you need to call people names. Please act your age and discuss the topic like a grown man instead of stamping off like a teenager.

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