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Is there a way to check recent account activity on a iCloud mail account?


I know there's a way to do it with both Gmail and Yahoo Mail.


  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,581 points)

    Unfortunately, you cannot do that with iCloud mail.

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    If you have concerns that someone else has accessed your account, change your password. Don't share your password with anyone and don't leave your devices and computers with iCloud setup on them unlocked to be used by anyone but yourself.

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    Thanks, but I'm pretty sure everyone here already knows that.


    It's a shame we can't monitor activity like you can with other providers.

    In a way iCloud is better because it notifies you when someone accesses the service from a new device.

    It would be nice to do some research on who has been accessing the mail surreptitiously.


    No need to view any posts from this thread as there is no known solution.

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    I'm pretty sure everyone here already knows that.


    You obviously haven't been round here for long! Sharing AppleIDs and passwords and leaving accounts open on unattended devices without a passcode, is unbelievably commonplace.

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    It is a very real problem. Once someone gets into your email it is not difficult for them to create another account. I was a windows user SINCE INCEPTION & bought my first Mac two yrs ago and then iPhone 4S. I am glad I bought the extra protection as right now my Mac OS X notebook - max ram etc & always with the less than great protection provided to Mac users on it. Comcast could never get my time capsule to work. Att is worse (never a package deal again). Took me an hour, with copious documentation, to convince "Genius Bar" that my resources were being used. On several issues I knew more than they! I see weird stuff on the apps I carefully purchased to monitor, still have to delete accounts - sometimes with services have never had. Do not want my notebook back until I feel safe. There are real issues that no one is addressing. In all those yrs of windows - NEVER a problem as I did what a good user does plus Microsoft, for free, provides great extra protection. While there are many cool things about Apple products, it will be difficult to get me to buy one until they address these issues. AND NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. I don't get it.

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    Sorry for errors but hard on this phone - which jumps around & won't even zoom correctly. Apple has done a clean install as they did finally believe me (the manager).