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All - I just tried downloading the new iOS 6 from iTunes to my 4th-Gen iPod Touch, which currently has iOS 4.3.  After about 2/3 of the (very long) time downloading, I kept getting 'the ipod '(my name)' cannot be synced because it cannot be found'.  I can't even find this error message on the 'net.  I've found people talking about a similar message about a file cannot be found, but not that the iPod can't be found.  And of course it's a software glitch, because after that download finished - but didn't successfully update the iPod Touch - it synced anyway (books, music, etc.) - so whaddya mean the iPod can't be found?  :^)

Oh, and I should add - in some other error instances, I found people saying to 'restart' the iPod - do you just mean turn it off and back on??

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 4.3