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So I updated my family of ios products to ios6 a few weeks ago. This includes 2 iPhone 4S phones and an iPad 2. Prior to the update, all of my devices were working perfectly. Immediately after the update I have significantly degraded wifi range and speeds. This only applies to my ios devices as my MacBook Pro has perfect and strong connection with my dlink wireless router. After reading through a million and one threads on various websites, and trying all of the recommended fixes, I was able to mostly remedy both of my iPhone 4S by selecting auto in the http proxy and typing in the IP address in the URL field. This seems to be working. It is annoying to have to do it for every network I want to connect to. However, NOTHING will help my iPad 2 stay connected and receive more than 2 bars of wireless reception unless it is literally right on top of the router. I have determined that this problem is wide spread on every network I try to connect to. Home, work, Starbucks, McDonald's, and in a hotel which I previously have had no connection problems in. PLEASE HELP ME APPLE.


Can anyone please tell me if there is anything else I can do... Why hasn't apple released an updated ios 6.0.1??? I can't be the only person experiencing this problem....




iPad 2, iOS 6, Also iPhone 4S