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I have a rather strange situation with my calendar.  I input all of the NFL games which I follow into my calendar (at the beginning of the season) and now, suddenly, they are no longer appearing.  However, they are only no longer appearing on my MBP Calendar.  They appear in my iCloud, iPhone and iPad calendars.  I have logged out of iCloud on my MBP (with Mountain Lion) and logged back in; as well as just removing the iCloud sync for my calendar, and re-syncing it.  The calendar refreshed, excluding only these appointments.  They were not input as recurring appointments.  I have tried changing the times on the appointments in iCloud and then saving them.  The change shows everywhere except on the MBP.  My only solution to this at this point is to re-create all of the appointments.  I'd rather not do this, as I'm not sure if this is indicative of a greater sync problem.  I have no other problems with my iCloud sync of addresses, notes, etc.  And these are the only appointments which don't appear.  I'm wondering if somehow they got hidden on the MBP.  If anyone has any sage advice, it would be welcome.  Thanks.  JHB

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)