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I Have an eMac that wouldn't start. When it get's to the system intro it starts to play and then it freezes and does not unfreeze. I ran an apple hardware test and then the screen started changing colors and colored lines. What should I do?

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    First, as there is a large group of eMacs that either have or will develop fatal logic board issues, we need to see if yours in the that group. Based on your symptoms, I'm guessing it is among the dead or soon-to-die.


    Use this Apple article:


    How to locate the serial number and identify your model


    to find your serial number. Please DO NOT post you number here.


    Now compare your serial number to these lists of ranges of affected eMacs:


    • G8412xxxxxx- G8520xxxxxx
    • YM412xxxxxx - YM520xxxxxx
    • VM440xxxxxx - VM516xxxxxx


    Let us know what you find. If it is among the affected, fixing the issue today is not economical feasible†. The good news is that the hard drive is seldom affected, meaning you can remove the HD and attach it to another Mac to recover files.


    Note: If your computer is NOT in those ranges, please use the article in the first link to tell us more about your eMac; there were four sub-models---the table in that article will tell you which you have. Please share what it says about your model. That will help is help you.


    †---unless you live within driving distanceo of Eugene, Oregon USA