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right now i'm window shopping for 10.4 to go in my g4 imac. but what to buy? yeah, i know to get the black ones with the big x on them and not the grey ones. i also know to get the dvd and not the cd's. but what is this server edition? and did apple make separate versions for g4 and intel?  thanks

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    I don't know the details on the server edition but a server is a machine that acts as a distribution source for other services such as e-mail or web pages.  I don't know if this means the server edition is the basic edition plus other things, or if it is strictly for server use.


    Only a few Intel machines were released with Tiger and all their discs were machine-specific.  With the exception of the server version, any Tiger disc for an Intel machine will be a gray one.


    If you are considering getting a server disc then you may have to wait for somebody more familiar with those discs.  I have never seen one since they are for a pretty specialized use.

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    Tiger is no longer available at the Apple Store. For other sources, do a Google search for MA453Z/A (10.4.6), MA190Z/A (10.4.3) and M9639Z/A (10.4). Also look on eBay. Be sure & buy a retail version (black with silver X) tiger.jpg

    and not a model specific version (gray) (See http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1976068 Can I use another Mac's system restore disc on my Mac?.


    Possible Alternative if you are currently using Panther 10.3 – Do a Google search for Tiger 10.4 Upgrade DVD . It will upgrade your 10.3 to 10.4, but it doesn’t contain the full retail Tiger installer. Should be cheaper than the retail Tiger install DVD.


    After you install the base 10.4.x, update to the final Tiger version 10.4.11. Here's the link for the 10.4.11 combo update http://support.apple.com/kb/TA24901?viewlocale=en_US


    Look at this link Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Installing Software Support Page



    You can also download the Tiger Installation and Setup Guide



    When you upgrade the OS, do it via Archive & Install. See About the Archive and Install feature http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1710

    Be sure to select Preserve Users & Settings. Also, repair permissions before and after the install.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Whilst OS X Server has all the usual Mac capabilities and it can be installed on any compatible Mac desktop it will be too complex for most Mac users. In general Server versions are one step ahead of the same normal version so 10.4 Server may have some 10.5 features, and also some bugs not yet ironed out!


    Don't buy the Server version unless you need extensive file sharing etc. In my view it is not even the better of the two for normal web sites - I have long experience of using both for web sites.


    WARNING: Server versions can only be installed with the correct long password. In addition some upgrade schemes, more likely to be used by Server purchasers, remove the license from the replaced version so possession of the installer disk is no indication of the validity of the license.

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    ok. i'll stay away from the server version. one last thing. what's the difference between these family packs and single user versions?

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    Nothing except that family packs normally cost more and are licensed for several Macs. Domestic non-server licenses prior to Lion are not controlled - it is on trust. Large non-domestic users are more likely to be audited for misuse of licenses. Microsoft is hot on this.

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    Do not pay too much. Old OSs can be bought from Apple for a nominal amount - you have to phone them - details on other posts at:


    https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_v10.4_tiger?view=discuss ions#/?per_page=50


    https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_v10.5_leopard?view=discu ssions#/?per_page=50


    I use Leopard on my 733 MHz G4s but Apple will probably not supply Leopard for slower than intended Macs like mine.

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    You can try calling Apple but for something as old as Tiger they likely will not have it. 

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    They will keep a stock to replace lost disks. It may depend who at Apple you talk to.

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    They will keep a stock to replace lost disks.

    I am just going by 8 years of having read this forum.  They will not maintain a stock of old retail discs because they are only focused on selling whatever is the current version.  Yes, if you call Apple and ask then they will see if they have older version discs as back stock but usually that extends to the current-1 version. I really would not hold out much chance for them having the current-4.  Once they are gone they are gone, and very likely all  copies will have been sold in the last 7 years.  Tiger was selling for well over new value not long ago and I don't think there would have been the market had Apple still been selling discs.  You can always ask but I really don't think you will have any luck.


    As for machine-specific discs (which won't seem to apply in this case anyway), again we're talking truly old machines here.  Once they are gone they are gone, and Apple stops hardware support after a machine is 5 years old which now includes early Intel Macs which were the last to run Tiger.