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I am a developer and want to start making apps for the new screen resolutions as well as continue android development. It is also time for me to get a new phone. So should I get an android phone like the S3 and get an iPod touch, or just get an iPhone 5 and continue to use my old android phone for development?

I know this is a really vague question, so I'm asking what the more experienced developers would do.

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    I would get an iPhone 5, as iPhone 5 users tend to lean towards apps that are optimized for its screen size.

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    5th generation iPod touch and iPhone 5 have the same resolution, so it's up to you. If you want to develop Android apps, the Android SDK includes an Android emulator, as well as Xcode has got an iPhone emulator to run your programs

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    I already develop both, just to start developing for the newer devices.


    One of my big questions is do you guys actually keep the same phone for two years, or do you tend to jump around? I'm the type that tends to get bored with a phone fairly easily once better tech is out.

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    One of my big questions is do you guys actually keep the same phone for two years

    I have no choice. I'm locked into a contract. Are you saying that you buy multiple phones in the $600 range in two years just to get them without a contract? Anyway, if you decide Android, I would not get an S3. Maybe an HTC or Droid. But I would go with iPhone 5.