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Hi Guyz,


I am on SE Asia Time (GMT+7) and my PC clock is set correctly, but every time I play song in iTUnes, it's Last Played time is off (earlier) by exactly 1 Hour.


Anyone why it's doing that.




Now it's 18:27 and the song will say last played 17:27





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    Europe ended Summer Time this weekend, and the USA will end Daylight Savings Time next weekend.  Stuff gets all screwed up at this time of year.  )-:

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    But I can't see why this should affect my local installed iTunes as I am 8000 MIles away from Europe and we don't have Daylight Savings Time


    But it started indeed yesterday (after Europe changed) I just wait and see if after the U.S of A changes it will be back to normal.


    Edit: //


    Forgot to Mention. Running Win 7 x64 and iTunes 10.7

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    One year I had a similar problem (with Outlook, not iTunes) that turned out to be a missing Windows patch that was intended to correctly address the world-wide variations in daylight start/stop times. You probably have a similar thing going on.  

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    Hi Ed2345,


    Thanks for taking the time to reply


    I just did a "recheck Windows Update" and the only missing (hidden) updates are


    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2709981 (Something to do with WMP 12 and DVD)

    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2592687 (Something to do with RDP 8.0)


    and silverlight and language packs


    I will keep you informed if the US of A Time change solved my Promprem


    Edit: // Maybe iTunes 11 solves everything

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    Good, let us know how it works out.




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    Hi Ed,


    It's still the same. So the changing of Daylight savings time in the U.S. of A, didn't do anything.


    Will go and look if I can find that Patch what you mentioned.




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    M,  Good luck!  Ed.

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    Just to chime in here I've also found an "interesting" issue with iTunes reporting of time values which resonates. I've been working on a script called SyncStats which attempts to import play counts, ratings, etc. from a device that has been manually managed. Yesterday, after updating one library with, say the last played time from the other, iTunes was displaying the two times with an hour difference between them. For the purposes of my script I've switched the test to compare the date only rather than the date & time. I suspect somewhere there is some clever code that is supposed to convert all stored times into UTC values as they are written and read back, but it probably isn't used absolutely consistently, or makes some assumptions about summertime changes. Here in the UK we changed last weekend rather than this weekend for the USA. I've just temporarily reinstated the earlier code and now that 1 hour gap has disappeared.



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    Now the wonder of iTunes 11 is here, but it still didn't solve my problem, but aaah what the heck, every time I play a song it's last playing time is 1 hour off.


    It's always better to stay up front then behind someone used to say !!