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I've had my Imac for about four years now, and have just upgraded to the new Mountain Lion OS.  My Mac works well overall, but it has become extremely slow to respond when multiple programs are running.  If I switch to another user's desktop for instance, it takes upwards of 5 minutes to load all the programs.


Does anyone have any tips I could try to get my computer to respond more quickly?

iMac, iOS 6
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    How much RAM do you have? Sounds like you need more. Mountain Lion is very hungry for it.

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    Most 2008 and Early 2009 iMac's only came from the factory with 2GB of RAM, and you may need more RAM to help with multi tasking in Mountain Lion than you needed in 10.6. To find out for sure, open your Activity Monitor and check your RAM (System Memory) usage as per >  Using Activity Monitor to read System Memory


    You should also check to see how full your Hard Drive is, because as the Hard Drive becomes full the slower the computer will run.