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    CONFIRMED: send from automatically updated on my iPhone. The days of @me are nearly completely gone for me...

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    olli.vdl wrote:


    I was wondering why all of a sudden I could choose to send emails from as well as That appeared out of nowhere in my iPhone's mail app. I read people are mentioning a mail they woudl have received about this thing happening..? I didn't see any.


    Anyways, as Google is your friend... I found this popping up in my search wizzardry:



    If you go to to the iCloud Mail prefs on the web interface:



    in the composing tab, you will see a setting called "Send From".


    There you can choose which default address to use.

  was the setting, (which I never visited before). I left it at that, as I assume it is the whole point.


    below it is a setting "choose which address you would like to be able to send from"


    There you can choose be able to send from both and (set as default), and you can choose to not send from the non-default address above it...


    Bottom line:

    you can always get email on both and


    you can choose from which one to send as default, and if you want to be able to send from both...


    It would be cool to have Apple send a auto reply to people using the one you don't use, so you have only in- and outgoing traffic trough one of them...


    Does this solve the issue..?


    No, believe the problem was described again..


    While most of the users can choose to send from either OR, Apple allows for recieving mails only on the .. address for many users as of today. Meaning, the id still needs to be activated at the backend by Apple for many many users.


    Imaginary situation, if i were to activate the as the default address, i would be able to send mails without an issue - but - only to wonder - why i don't get responses.. q;-) Unless of course an expliciti 'Reply to" address is set. But then this would beat the purpose of having an id - or? ;-)

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    Ok finally, I have found out a way to remove my id and make my as the primary address. Before you read the final solution, try this: In if you have your id as an alternate address, remove that as alternate address and log out of your account and log back in. If you see edit or delete option near your primary address i.e id, then you are done. Just edit it to your id. If you don't have the edit or delete option then read further for the final solution. Since this is a privacy issue to us, apple would want to have a phone support executive talk to us to verify our identity by asking us some security questions so that we can edit or delete our primary address. So find the apple support's toll free number and make a call to them. Thats it.

    Find your country's apple support toll free number here:
    Contact Apple for support and service


    Unrelated to this issue, if you are still wondering like me about merging two apple ids, we can't do that because of copyright issues based on the purchases we made in those accounts.




    Saravanan 

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